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NO PRINCIPLES: Florida Republican who waged war on Disney takes their cruise

NO PRINCIPLES: Florida Republican who waged war on Disney takes their cruise

NO PRINCIPLES: Florida Republican who waged war on Disney takes their cruise

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Anti-woke, anti-Disney Florida Republican State Representative Randy Fine just boarded a cruise run by guess who?


The wanna-be totalitarian who said Disney was a “guest” in the state of Florida, took his family on a vacation helmed by the very company he’s railed against.

Taking hypocrisy to a new level, Fine said Disney should be “punished,” and that the California-based company wasn’t welcome in the Sunshine State just five months ago.

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Representative Fine’s actions shouldn’t come as a surprise. He has a long history of being a fraud.

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The former gambling executive had his tribal gaming license revoked in New Mexico. Fine sued – and lost. His attempt to override Tribal law on the basis that the tribal court was biased and illegitimate was dismissed.

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“That’s why he doesn’t work here anymore,” George Rivera, a tribe member defendent in the case, said of Fine. “He comes up with degrading statements about tribal government. He’s upset that we terminated him. He was a very difficult person. He was very destructive and very negative. When I had to terminate him, everybody was jumping for joy.”

In April, Fine threatened to defund the Special Olympics over their mask mandates to protect their participants. A feud with Brevard County school board member, Jennifer Jenkins, amplified the wannabe dictator’s cause:

“Jenkins just put your project and special Olympics funding on the veto list,” Fine wrote.

Jenkins filed a complaint against Fine, saying the state legislator “committed corruption by threat against a public servant, cyber-intimidation, voter fraud, and stalking,” WFTV 9 reported.

The case was ultimately dismissed, but state District Attorney Phil Archer said:

“Although no criminal charges are being filed, I am concerned that the continued use of heated rhetoric on social media and public statements by both sides could produce a volatile and dangerous escalation we should all seek to avoid.”

Rep. Fine is not just a menace, but a hypocrite, taking his family to a country whose citizens he wouldn’t let experience the American dream with his xenophobic fear-mongering. But then again, do we expect any less from a Republican?

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