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BUT MY EMAILS: Hillary Clinton just weighed in on Trump’s illegal document hoarding (OPINION)

BUT MY EMAILS: Hillary Clinton just weighed in on Trump’s illegal document hoarding (OPINION)


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Hillary Clinton just lit But her *&^#$*&^@& emails on fire in a single tweet thread.

After Trump reopened that expired can of worms at his recent rage-filled rally, Hillary Clinton tweeted a detailed thread on her email scandal that won’t die, the one that was completely fabricated and overblown by the hypocritical GOP.

The misinformation regarding an investigation that never should have happened continues to be spread.

But, but, but her emails!

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It’s ridiculous that, in 2022, Clinton still must remind people of the facts of her hearing because whataboutism is all the right has left.

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They can’t defend Trump and his crimes, so Conservative pundits refer to the old “but her emails” routine.

Try the veal, they’re here all night. And tip your waiters, preferably with another country’s nuclear secrets.

The former Secretary of State made it clear in her detailed thread how there was no classified information or documents in her emails, and the most important fact of all:

James Comey admitting he was wrong to have accused her of breaking the law.

I strongly believe if Comey admitted, say, via Twitter, that he was wrong to have accused Clinton of anything nefarious or illegal in the first place, it may have made an inkling of a difference in the way she was perceived by people on the right.

The reason I am calling on Comey to do this now is because I used to believe in those conspiracies, and when I try to explain to my former teammates the truth about the emails, their first response is, “But Comey said she broke the law.”

A public statement from Comey would help set things right because Trump will continue to use this in his rallies and on his Truth Social posts to rile up his base.

Trump knows his time is running out, acting like a caged animal, and he will do anything to sow division and hate; who knows, maybe he hopes to incite another insurrection.

We as a country should have been able to move on from this long ago.

But until Trump is shut down, we will continue to push the truths about her damn emails, among so many other things.

David M. Weissman is a former Republican who has seen the light. 

You can follow him on Twitter here.

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