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PERP WALK: Steve Bannon surrenders to New York authorities in wall fraud case

PERP WALK: Steve Bannon surrenders to New York authorities in wall fraud case

SENTENCED: They scammed MAGA Republicans out of $25M. Now they're going to prison.

Steve Bannon, the Pig Pen of Trump-era corruption, turned himself into the Manhattan DA’s office this morning, facing state criminal charges relating to his fraudulent fundraising campaign to build Trump’s imaginary wall.

That $25 million WeBuildTheWall scam was first uncovered by Occupy Democrats’ Executive Editor Grant Stern back in 2019.

“Stop hurting America! Stop hurting America! Stop hurting America, you greasy grifter,” yelled a protester holding a sign of Bannon in jail as he exited a Black SUV for his perp walk. (video embedded below)

“Stop hurting America, you greasy two-bit grifter!” she concluded with a flourish of frustration in her voice.

The 68-year-old former 2016 Trump Campaign Chairman will be arraigned later this afternoon in Manhattan criminal court. And even though he looks as clean as a muddy steer (perhaps for the first time), this isn’t Bannon’s first rodeo.

This new, wall-related indictment comes two years after the America First barker Bannon was arrested on a superyacht owned by a Chinese billionaire on federal charges that he and three others defrauded gullible MAGAts of millions given to their scam We Build the Wall campaign.

Bannon slithered out of that trial when Trump pardoned him on his way out of office in January 2021. But two of his associates, including the ringleader Brian Kolfage, have already pled guilty.

As he made his way into the Manhattan Criminal Court amidst the cacophonous caterwauls, Bannon used the opportunity to give a political talk, “This is an irony, on the very day the mayor of this city has a delegation down on the border, they’re persecuting people here.”

That is in reference to NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ ongoing feud with Texas Governor Gregg Abbott, in which Adams sent reps to the Southern Border to meet with border patrol agents after the Republicans sent a bus of migrants to the Big Apple.

Pardon or not, Bannon’s record is, very much like him, pretty filthy.

He was just recently convicted in the U.S. District Court of D.C. in July on two counts of contempt of Congress after he refused to testify before the January 6 committee and is awaiting sentencing next month.

More information on his latest indictment will be given at a presser held at 1 p.m. by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Here’s the video of Steve Bannon’s perp walk:

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