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ALL ATWITTER: Speculation runs wild as Trump makes unannounced DC visit

ALL ATWITTER: Speculation runs wild as Trump makes unannounced DC visit

ALL ATWITTER: Speculation runs wild as Trump makes unannounced DC visit

Not to be outdone by Steve Bannon in handcuffs last week, pictures of a more disheveled than usual Donald Trump arriving by plane in Washington D.C. last night has the interwebs on high alert, wondering WTF he’s doing there—in golf shoes, no less.

Since the disastrous end of his Turd Reich regime in 2021, Trump has only been back to the nation’s capital once.

With everyone on high alert for likely indictments— even his own former attorney Ty Cobb says they’re coming — the Twittersphere, in particular, is twitching with speculation, with “Trump is in DC” and “indictments” trending on Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning.

While it’s highly unlikely he made yet another mysterious midnight run to Walter Reed, you never know when it comes to the truth-resistant Trump. Is he there to dig up some other buried nuclear secrets or is Walter Reed doing that for him?

Rather than a medical emergency, most people are hoping for the legal option in the form of an indictment and arrest.

It’s the golf shoes, however, that are leading people to believe the twice impeached, one-term Trump didn’t go willingly and it has nothing to do with fashion or lack thereof.

Then again, maybe he was prepping to tee off at his Trump National Golf Club in DC, just a short hop from Dulles International Airport.

The speculation is rampant, but many make cogent, if not very hopeful, points.

About Jared Kushner’s speech, nope, it’s not at Slenderman Con, it’s creepier. The husband of sweatshop-owning, shoe-design-stealing, Chinese-trademarking shanda spawn Ivanka Trump is proselytizing propagandist pablum at the America First Policy Institute and the Abraham Accords Peace Institute on Monday. Remember, Jared was in charge of bringing peace to the Middle East.

But we digress. Why is Trump in DC? We know why he’s not.

Lesley Abravanel is a former entertainment columnist who realized that fighting fascism is more important than keeping up with the Kardashians.

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