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CONSEQUENCES: Alex Jones goes off his rocker as second Sandy Hook trial approaches

CONSEQUENCES: Alex Jones goes off his rocker as second Sandy Hook trial approaches

CONSEQUENCES: Alex Jones goes off his rocker as second Sandy Hook trial approaches

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Vile conspiracy theorist Alex Jones loves holding court, but not when it comes to being held accountable for his cruel and dangerous drivel.

Just a month after being ordered to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of six-year-old Sandy Hook victim Jesse Williams after calling the deadly school massacre a hoax, the hateful Infowars host is set to go back to court and answer to family members of nine victims and a responding FBI agent.

A total of 15 plaintiffs will face their tormentor in a Connecticut court, located just a half hour from Newtown—home of the elementary school tragedy.

“The Connecticut lawsuit alleges defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and violations of the state Unfair Trade Practices Act.”

During August’s Texas trial, grieving parents Neil Heslin and Scarlette Lewis gave emotional testimony about the difficulties in the aftermath of their son’s tragic death, Jones’s dismissal of their pain as a “hoax,” and calling the traumatized parents “crisis actors.”

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His cruel and continued pushing of conspiracy theories and lies brought harassment, death threats, and compounded grief.

“I can’t even describe the last nine and a half years, the living hell that I and others have had to endure because of the recklessness and negligence of Alex Jones,” Neil Heslin, Jesse Lewis’ father, testified during the Texas trial.

According to the Times of Israel, “The families and former FBI agent William Aldenberg say they have been confronted and harassed in person by Jones’ followers because of the hoax conspiracy. They also say they have endured death threats and been subjected to abusive comments on social media.”

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Jones has a long history of “truthing” when it comes to tragedy, spinning wild unsubstantiated tales of conspiracy and false flags.

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The day after 9/11 terrorist attack, Jones went live on air delivering an antisemitic unhinged rant, accusing Israel of being “beside itself with joy,” over the bombing.

In a half-hearted admission, Jones conceded to the facts, saying “Especially since I’ve met the parents. It’s 100% real,” but was quick to shift blame when asked by an attorney for Heslin and Lewis if he understood the implications, and that it was “irresponsible,” to push his false claims, Jones said he does, but added, “They (the media) won’t let me take it back,” NPR reported.

Parents of the Sandy Hook victims have reason to be concerned about Jones’ sincerity. For nearly a decade, they have had to fend off aggressive conspiracy theorists, and lies, with some even relocating for their safety. In his first interview since the Texas verdict, the unhinged far-right lunatic told the host, “I killed the kids.”

“I went in that school, I pulled a gun out, and I shot every one of them myself.”

Jones went on to tell YouTube journalist, Andrew Callaghan according to The Mirror:

“Do I feel responsible that someone that played shoot-em-up video games, on a bunch of drugs, went and killed a bunch of kids and then the internet questioned it, and I covered that? No, I don’t feel responsible, and I don’t apologise,” before saying: “I killed the kids.”

Sarcastic or not, the dismissive, unsympathetic, condescending behavior further proves the families did the right thing. Though no amount of money will bring their loved ones back, holding the one accountable who exacerbated their pain and interrupted the grieving process with lies and conspiracy is a small consolation.

With three separate cases consolidated, the potential for a much higher judgment is highly likely. After this trial, Jones will return to Texas to face off in a third.

Watch the clip of the interview here.

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