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NO OFFENSE: With midterms looming, Dems must fiercely fight back NOW

NO OFFENSE: With midterms looming, Dems must fiercely fight back NOW

NO OFFENSE: With midterms looming, Dems must fiercely fight back NOW

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Midterms are just 55 days away and we Dems need to get it together and go on the offensive.

There are so many issues the Democrats can bring to the table and show America why it would be devastating for the country if Republicans took back control of Congress.

Getting rid of Trump in 2020 was just the beginning. This election cycle is the most important one in our lifetime. So many issues are on the line that we can’t afford to lose, and it’s time to start fighting fiercely for them.

Here’s an abbreviated playbook, a plan, a strategy to focus on between now and the November 8 midterms.

Start with gun safety. When we are canvasing, debating, or having any conversation with a Republican, we need to demand an answer to the question that begs, “Why do civilians need AR-15s or other weapons for war?

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We need to demand answers as to why we can’t raise the age limit for purchasing guns. We spend too much time defending gun bans when we can simply corner the GOP by insisting on answers to these important questions.

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Next is this year’s hot button, winning for Dems issue: a post-Roe America. Ask them: “What authority do Republicans have telling women what to do with their own bodies?” Wanna see them squirm? Ask them, “If they honestly believe in the Bible, why do they ignore Genesis 2:7, the verse that implies that life begins at first breath?

We need to present all the facts on Trump and his endless and ongoing criminal investigations in NY and Georgia, the FBI, and the DOJ because the Republican Party has been reduced to being the voice of Trumpism and their messiah Trump.

Ask them for facts on their claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. That one will particularly present a dilemma—or at least an exceptionally long moment of silence, because, as we know, they have no facts for most of their inane claims.

Instead of Dems going on the defense, it’s time to hit the offense. Thanks to the bamboozled Republicans, we now have plenty of ammo for our offensive (no pun intended, snowflakes) strategy.

Between now and the midterms, Dems need to clean up our house, ignore the bickering and stop the infighting. Just look at what Ron DeSantis has gotten away with in his barely won first term as Governor of Florida. If we don’t unite with fellow Dems, Independents, and sane-minded Republicans (yes, they do exist), imagine what he will do with nothing holding him back in his second term. We need to stop him from his grandiose plans to out-Trump Trump.

Dems, we must fall in line, put our differences aside, work together and win those midterms massively for the sake of the country and our precious democracy.

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