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STRANGER THAN FICTION: Armed, clown wig-wearing MAGA goes to Dairy Queen to reinstate Trump

STRANGER THAN FICTION: Armed, clown wig-wearing MAGA goes to Dairy Queen to reinstate Trump

STRANGER THAN FICTION: Clown wig-wearing MAGA goes to Dairy Queen to reinstate Trump

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Jan Stawovy, 61, a Pennsylvania man wearing a safety vest, a rainbow clown wig, and carrying a gun was apprehended at a Delmont, PA Dairy Queen after claiming that his mission was to make Donald Trump the King of America.

Stawovy had a loaded.40 caliber handgun in his pocket and two more loaded guns in his vehicle, police later discovered.

According to local news reports, Stawovy told police that he was “undercover working to restore Trump as President King of the United States.” Taken into custody without incident, the suspect also told officers that he was “armed to kill Democrats and liberals” and to protect himself from sex traffickers.

Multiple calls about a man wearing a wig with a gun walking into the fast food restaurant were made to 911, and a nearby officer arrived quickly on the scene.

This isn’t the first time MAGA and QAnon have crossed paths — the two movements frequently overlap.

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In 2016, misinformation and conspiracy theories about child trafficking in the basement of a District of Columbia pizza parlor — Comet Ping Pong — widely circulated in right-wing conspiracy circles on the internet.

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In the scandal widely known as “Pizzagate,” Edgar Maddison Welch drove from North Carolina to DC, to “save the children,” falsely believed by QAnon fanatics to be abused by former First Lady Hillary Clinton and Democratic “elites.”

Welch fired a gun inside Comet Ping Pong while customers were having pizza.

While Comet weathered the “storm,” the toll it took on owner James Alefantis remains. In an interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Alefantis detailed the “personal and professional hardship resulting from the hate enabled by social media sites, as well as helplessness in trying to stop it.”

It was only a month ago that a man tried to breach a Cincinnati, Ohio FBI field office after the August 8th search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

42-year-old Ricky Shiffer – former Navy vet – led cops on a chase that ended in a shootout with local law enforcement that ended in the conspiracy theorist’s death.

The QAnon train has left the station, and this is just one more cause for concern. As MAGA continues to spiral and Trump keeps pushing the big lie while conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones spout outrageously paranoid nonsense, this likely won’t be the last time a clown-impersonating wanna-be assassin like Jan Stawovy tries to take down an ice cream parlor.

Watch the video below from local news outlet WTAE-TV:

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