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VIDEO: Trump signals base about “big problems” if he’s indicted

VIDEO: Trump signals base about “big problems” if he’s indicted

VIDEO: Trump signals base about "big problems" if he's indicted

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In an unfortunately predictable interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday morning, former President Donald Trump again made uncorroborated claims of having “declassified” the materials seized in the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. (video embedded below)

Ever delusional, Trump lied through his teeth, telling Hewitt, “I have the absolute right to declassify. Absolute. A president has the absolute right.”

Except they don’t.

When the right-wing host asked 45, “Do you feel like the Department of Justice is trying to indict you?” Trump responded to Hewitt the only way he knew how—with gaslighting.

“Well, there’s no reason that they can, other than if they’re just sick and deranged, which is always possible because I did absolutely—you’ve seen the legal papers—absolutely nothing wrong, and there’s no way they can do that.”

Several times during the interview, Trump mentioned that the American people “wouldn’t stand for it” if their MAGA king were to be indicted— reminiscent of when he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” during a 2020 presidential debate.

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According to the one-term, twice impeached former prez, if he were to be held accountable for his crimes, “You’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before.”

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He didn’t elaborate.

With the Justice Department and state government’s investigations into the fake elector schemes enacted in battleground states in an attempt to illegally usurp votes rightfully belonging to Biden, Trump tried to deflect with more lies, falsely claiming that “alternate electors” are a “thing,” and commonplace.

“When you look at alternate slates, that’s been done for decades and decades—many, many years,” he blathered. “Alternate slates are actually common. I wasn’t involved with alternate slates, but I can tell you many people have been for many, many years doing alternate slates.”

There was little pushback from the host regarding Trump’s predictable, inane claims of doing nothing wrong and saying what could be perceived as “inciting violence” with his fearmongering in the wake of possible indictments and whining about his Fourth Amendment rights being violated versus a legally obtained search warrant being executed.

This was a complete 180 from an interview Trump did with the longtime conservative in 2015 that resulted in Hewitt being called “a third-rate radio announcer” by the temperamental man-child.

Accusing Hewitt of asking “gotcha” questions and trying to embarrass the 2016 presidential candidate.

Trump’s campaign staff even considered blacklisting Hewitt from future interviews, The Hill reported.

Apparently, things have changed.

Here’s the video:


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