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FRIGHTENING HARBINGER: Must-see Ohio rally shows Trump in full authoritarian mode

FRIGHTENING HARBINGER: Must-see Ohio rally shows Trump in full authoritarian mode

SCARY HARBINGER: Must-see Ohio rally shows Trump in full authoritarian mode

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Donald Trump went full-on fascist at his most recent rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday evening. The twice impeached one-term president threw tons of red meat to his bigoted base – and they ate it up. In nearly two hours of rambling, ranting, and fear-mongering, the narcissistic wannabe dictator told the crowd, “Our country is being invaded – it’s an invasion by millions of illegal aliens from all over the planet.”

According to Trump, “murders, shootings, stabbings, rapes, carjacking are skyrocketing.”

Supposedly in town to stump for the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Hillbilly Elegy author-turned-ultra-MAGA, J.D. Vance, Trump couldn’t help but keep the conversation – and attention – on himself.

No rally would be complete without the coup-plotting conman singing the same tune about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama spying on his campaign – a claim debunked by an investigation by Trump’s own Justice Department. But facts matter little to the prevaricating ex-president, as he said without shame:

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“They spied on my campaign. And nobody wants to do anything about it. Can you imagine if I spied on the campaign of — forget Biden — how about Obama’s campaign? Can you imagine what [the penalty] would be? Maybe it would be death. They’d bring back the death penalty,” Trump said.

Before Trump took the stage to whine about his perceived victimhood, the crowd was treated to MAGA loyalist and January 6th participant, J.R. Majewski (R-OH). Majewski secured the GOP nomination for Ohio’s newly drawn 9th Congressional District. An Air Force veteran and current employee of the nuclear industry, Majewski introduced himself to a riled-up crowd:

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“So for those of you that don’t know me, my name is J.R. Majewski, and my pronouns are ‘patriot’ and ‘ass kicker.’ I love GOD, I love my family and I love this country,” the MAGA diehard declared.

The wannabe legislator went on to say that Trump rallies give him “eagle bumps,” – not goose bumps…eagle bumps.

Known for spreading QAnon conspiracy theories, Majewski became most infamous for painting a 19,000 sq ft Trump 2020 sign on his lawn.

Meanwhile, the object of Majewski’s passion continued to denigrate the country he supposedly wants to make great again by outlining his dystopian vision of an American future under his authoritarian control.

From the Ohio stage, Donald Trump threatened the death penalty against drug dealers and human traffickers while praising Chinese President Xi Jinping for his handling of drug dealers in the totalitarian country.

But it was the rally’s closing moments that sealed the cult-vibe deal on the evening. Video shows the crowd in a trance-like state, while Trump closed out his hate rally with dystopian music associated with the QAnon conspiracy entitled “WWG1WGA” after the cult movement’s slogan “Where we go one, we go all.”

This latest MAGA gathering added nothing new to former president Donald Trump’s shtick. Trump has been using these rallies to stoke the culture war fires and dog-whistle to his base as the wheels of justice increase speed. The closer the Justice Department gets in its criminal investigation to holding the insurrectionist accountable, we suspect he’s only going further down the rabbit hole – and taking his base with him.

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