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“I’M NOT THAT SMART”: Herschel Walker admits to his biggest flaw

“I’M NOT THAT SMART”: Herschel Walker admits to his biggest flaw

Walker admits to his biggest flaw

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Herschel Walker, the Georgia Republican candidate for Senate, admits that he’s no match for Democratic incumbent Rev. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in a debate or even in terms of general intelligence. The former University of Georgia football star and GOP-backed nominee told a Savannah crowd: “I’m not that smart.”

Campaigning in the coastal Georgia city, Walker toured the Port of Savannah. In a thinly veiled attempt at humility, the controversial candidate said:

“I am getting out talking to people and talking to you (referring to the media),” said Walker. “I’m a country boy. I’m not that smart. He’s a preacher. (Warnock) is smart and wears these nice suits. So, he is going to show up and embarrass me at the debate Oct. 14th, and I’m just waiting to show up and I will do my best.”

After initially declining to debate Senator Warnock – Walker finally relented, and a date of October 14th has been set. According to Walker, it was his opponent who was ducking the matchup, and Walker claimed that he “had to hunt down Warnock and told him to put his big man pants on,” Savannah Now reported.

“He may not even show up for that one,” said Walker. “He has made every excuse not to show up. I begged him until I chased him down and then he decided he was going to show up Oct. 14. I didn’t agree to do his debate because it wasn’t fair. A fair debate is doing it in front of the voters, and I’ve agreed.”

Not known for his honesty, Walker’s claims are on brand from what we’ve come to expect from the blustering GOP Senate hopeful who bragged about graduating top of his class at the University of Georgia, being an FBI candidate, and employing dozens of veterans – none of which is true.

Incoherent and rambling speeches are the norm, not unlike Walker’s idol Donald Trump. The ex-NFL star seems to have taken the former President’s affinity for lying and exaggerating to heart as well.

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A spokesperson for Sen. Warnock pushed back on Walker’s insinuations that it was Warnock who was avoiding a debate, saying:

“Shortly after the May 2022 primary, Reverend Warnock was the first to announce that he would participate in three debates and in June, named the three debates he agreed to and invited Walker to do the same…for nearly two months, Walker continued to dodge committing to any debate, a complete reversal from his previous statement that Reverend Warnock could, ‘Call the time, he make the place, I’m ready to go.’ Then, Walker went out of his way to accept a totally different debate than Reverend Warnock.”

While polls have shown Warnock and Walker in a tight race, let’s hope the upcoming debate next month will increase the Reverend’s lead – keeping the unqualified Herschel Walker in the Hall of Fame — and out of the halls of Congress.

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Original reporting by Latrice Williams at Savannah Now. 

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