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VIDEO PROOF: Trump loyalist Sidney Powell’s cronies caught on camera accessing GA voting machines

VIDEO PROOF: Trump loyalist Sidney Powell’s cronies caught on camera accessing GA voting machines

VIDEO PROOF: Trump loyalist Sidney Powell's cronies caught on camera accessing GA voting machines

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Newly discovered video footage has just revealed that political allies of Donald Trump accessed confidential voter information in a Georgia election precinct right after the 2020 election. Contractors and individuals associated with Trump’s inner circle were allowed by local officials in the rural Georgia county to copy restricted election software.

According to Scott Hall, an Atlanta area bail bondsman and Trump supporter, he traveled to Coffee County with a member of the technology firm Sullivan Strickler where Hall says “the team had the blessing of the local elections board and “scanned all the equipment, imaged all the hard drives and scanned every single ballot.”

Hired by election-denying conspiracy theorist and former Trump attorney, Sidney Powell, members of the Atlanta business were all in on the illegal activity.

“We are on our way to Coffee County, Ga., to collect what we can from the election/voting machines and systems,” one of the company’s executives, Paul Maggio, wrote Ms. Powell on that January morning.

The former head of Coffee County’s Republican Party, Cathy Latham, is also seen in the video. A target of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ criminal investigation into attempts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results, Latham allegedly participated in the fake elector scheme and can be seen huddled with “team” members in a room where poll pads — lists of all of the registered voters in the district — were stored.

Those affiliated with Trump were given full access to the building and a storage room.

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According to an account in the New York Times:

“The new videos show members of the team inside an office handling the county’s poll pads, which contain sensitive voter data. (The cases holding the equipment in the footage are labeled with the words “POLL PAD.”)”

The footage was recorded on January 7, 2021 – one day after the Capitol attack. Investigators from the office of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger are also seen in the footage, though the Secretary’s office claims not to know why they were there, according to a spokesman for the state’s top election official, Mike Hassinger:

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“We are looking into it,” he said. “Again, we take this very seriously. This investigation is a joint effort between the secretary of state’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and if it’s determined that people have committed a crime, they’re going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Hassinger admits that the voting machine software does have voter information, “but it’s not accessible because it’s scrambled behind security.”

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Attorney David Cross, representing a non-profit challenging the security of Georgia’s voting system, told a judge on September 9th that a suspected 7 million Georgia voters had their information compromised. Charles Tonnie Adams, the elections supervisor of Heard County, Ga., said in an email that “poll pads contain every registered voter on the state list.”

The footage surfaced as part of a lawsuit going back to 2018, Curling v. Raffensperger, when a Motion for Preliminary Injunction was filed to “request for an immediate rollout of paper ballots,” prior to the November 2018 election. Filed in September, a full evidentiary hearing was held approximately two weeks before election day.

The group challenged the constitutionality of Direct Recording Electronic voting machines, (DREs”) – citing reports from the Department of Homeland Security that “declared DRE voting systems to be a “national security concern.” According to the lawsuit:

“Senate Select Committee on Intelligence concluded that DREs are ‘at highest risk of security flaws’ and that states ‘should rapidly replace outdated and vulnerable voting systems’ with systems that have a verified paper trail.”

There’s a huge difference between using government intelligence and legal avenues to insure election integrity, and taking it upon yourself to grant an unauthorized person access to confidential and proprietary information stored on voting machine hard drives based on the word of a soon-to-be disbarred, unstable conspiracy theorist.

After two years of unsubstantiated claims of mass voter fraud, the only evidence of a plot to steal the 2020 election points to Trump, his allies, and associates. Michigan and Nevada are conducting their own investigations into whether voting machines in their states were illegally breached and copied.

Original Reporting by Danny Hakim, Richard Fausset, and Nick Corasaniti at The New York Times. 

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