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“GOT HIM!”: Social media erupts in response to NY AG Letitia James’ lawsuit against Trump and his family

“GOT HIM!”: Social media erupts in response to NY AG Letitia James’ lawsuit against Trump and his family

"GOT HIM!": Social media erupts in response to NY AG Letitia James' lawsuit against Trump and his family

Anticipation was high when news that New York State Attorney General Letitia James would be holding a “major” press conference this morning first began circulating. Attorney General James did not disappoint, announcing the filing of a major civil lawsuit against Donald Trump, his three eldest children — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric — and the entire Trump Organization for fraudulently overvaluing his assets by billions of dollars and committing tax fraud in a wide-ranging crime spree over a decade in the making.

In bringing the prosecution against Trump and his family business, Attorney General James seeks to bar Trump and his children from ever managing in business in New York state again.

After James announced her historic civil suit, making sure to refer her findings to federal prosecutors and the IRS to pursue criminal charges for the crimes that she uncovered the proof for, social media denizens opposed to the former president erupted in jubilation, while Trump supporters raged with echoes of the ex-president’s own characterization of James’ efforts as a “witch hunt.”

Here’s a sampling of the social media response to today’s huge news break:

One man in particular was over the moon over the fact that James has finally filed her civil suit: Michael Cohen, the former Trump Organization attorney and fixer, whose testimony in his own case involving payouts to Stormy Daniels was credited by James herself for kick-starting the investigation that led to today.

While Cohen’s excitement is infectious, some people were skeptical of the importance of Attorney General James’ move.

Others saw the suit as a political move, echoing Donald Trump’s own take on the situation.

The Trump’s themselves, however, seemed to be taking the lawsuit very seriously, judging by the vehemence of their reactions against it.

Donald Trump himself responded to the lawsuit in a series of Truth Social posts that labeled Letitia James as a “racist” and called the civil suit his all-purpose description of any attempts to hold him accountable for his actions, a “witch hunt.”

“I never thought this case would be brought — until I saw her really bad poll numbers,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, “She is a fraud who campaigned on a ‘get Trump’ platform.” 

You might expect that those who are the target of the investigation and face the implosion of their business interests to react badly to the news of the lawsuit. It’s likely that Trump and his family will be even more upset once the trial begins and full details of his transgressions are revealed, particularly if a criminal case is brought by federal prosecutors who have just been handed a treasure trove of investigative materials.

The fun’s just beginning, folks, even if not for the Trumps.

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