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SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE: Marco Rubio forced to pull two ads from broadcast TV for hypocrisy and hookers

SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE: Marco Rubio forced to pull two ads from broadcast TV for hypocrisy and hookers

SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE: Marco Rubio forced to pull two ads from broadcast TV for hypocrisy and hookers

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Anyone have a Bible verse Marco Rubio can borrow for this one?

Seems that the Florida Republican Senator up for reelection had to pull two campaign ads off the air when Florida Politics questioned them both for accuracy and found that they were, well, blasphemous.

According to Florida Politics,

“One ad, ‘100%,’ attacked Democratic challenger Val Demings for voting for pandemic relief checks that went to inmates and undocumented workers but failed to mention that Rubio co-sponsored and voted for the legislation as well. The ad began running on Sept. 14, but the last airing was on Sept. 19.”

But wait! It gets worse! The pious Rubio was spending too much time taping up the spine he borrowed off his tattered Bible, because it turns out, his second commercial was filmed at Diego’s Burrito Factory, a Florida restaurant that not only collected PPP money, but happened to be owned by a guy who was arrested for soliciting and procuring a hooker back in 2001.

The horror!

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According to Florida Politics,

“The other, ‘Diego’s,’ spotlighted a Panama City Beach business that benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program, which Rubio helped craft. But it turned out the business was owned by a man who pleaded no contest to a charge he solicited and procured a prostitute in 2001. That ad started airing on Sept. 9, but abruptly came off broadcast television, also on Sept. 19.”

Hypocrisy, thy name is Marco Rubio. The Demings campaign was appalled, but not shocked.

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“Marco Rubio’s campaign is in complete disarray,” said Christian Slater, Communications Director for the Demings campaign.

“He’s desperately attempting to save his flailing campaign with cheap political stunts, but Florida voters know he doesn’t show up for work, and hurts Florida when he does. This November, Florida will send a cop on the beat to the United States Senate and reject the career politician who refuses to do his job.”

Though both ads were pulled from broadcast TV, the “Diego” ad, you know, the one filmed at the place owned by the guy who got the hooker, is still running on cable, because, well, it’s cable and they can say “shit” on there these days too, you know.

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The ads are also still proudly displayed on Rubio’s YouTube channel, a place conspicuously absent of facts and footage of Rubio’s days at those legendary South Beach foam parties.

Lesley Abravanel is a former entertainment columnist who realized that fighting fascism is more important than keeping up with the Kardashians. She also may or may not have attended one of those infamous foam parties Marco Rubio loved so much.

Follow her on Twitter@LesleyAbravanel.

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