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EXPOSED: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged support for Venezuelans fleeing Maduro during 2018 campaign

EXPOSED: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged support for Venezuelans fleeing Maduro during 2018 campaign

EXPOSED: FL Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged support for Venezuelans fleeing Maduro during 2018 campaign

Republican hypocrisy is the gift that keeps on giving. In a move straight out of the fascist playbook, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis concocted a cruel scheme to lure Venezuelan migrants onto planes in Texas and relocate them to New England – contrary to statements the wannabe dictator previously made in support of asylum seekers fleeing oppressive and authoritarian regimes.

Prior to his win in 2018, the then-Trump-endorsed Gubernatorial hopeful pledged his support for those who stand up to the “socialist regimes of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua,” during his campaign.

On March 5, 2019, DeSantis tweeted:

“The tragedy in Venezuela is a result of a failed socialist experiment – a system that is hostile to human liberty and contrary to human nature. To the exile community here in Florida, we stand with you and with the people who are seeking freedom and a better future.”

He made similar statements in 2017.

But the posturing didn’t stop there. After the election, the newly elected Governor condemned Venezuela’s Maduro regime as “oppressive” shortly after taking office in his State of the State speech – warning the South American dictator that “The eyes of Florida and world are on you.”

Unsurprisingly, DeSantis didn’t say what he meant or mean what he said. Three years later, the Governor would do an about-face – demonizing those he vowed to support, and using their desperation as an opportunity to propel his political ambitions in the GOP way – cruelty.

Florida Democratic State Senator Jason Pizzo called DeSantis and his sycophantic Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez out on their hypocrisy on social media Saturday Morning, revealing tweets both made previously feigning alliance with the Venezuelan people. Nuñez recently defended the transportation of legal asylum seekers, by falsely referring to the Venezuelan refugees as “illegal immigrants,” and gaslighting the public by saying, “Entering the country illegally and fleeing a dictatorship to seek asylum are two different things and misrepresenting that is offensive.”

No, Lt. Gov. Nuñez’s, your comments are offensive, and a complete 180 from those you made on Twitter just two months ago:

“While #Venezuela celebrates its independence today, their fight for freedom against a tyrannical regime continues. We stand with the people in their struggle for a free and democratic future.”

The Florida legislature allocated $12 million to transport “unauthorized aliens” out of the state in an appropriations bill passed earlier this year, and Gov. DeSantis has promised to spend every dime. $1.5 million has already been spent. The problem is the Florida fascist has used state funds to fly migrants from another state — desperate asylum-seeking migrants fleeing the very regime the Florida Republican publicly condemned.

While, according to DeSantis “the eyes of Florida and the world” are on Maduro and Venezuela – the eyes of America and the world are on Florida.

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