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FREAKING OUT: Roger Stone cracks under Jan. 6th investigation’s pressure with HUGE meltdown

FREAKING OUT: Roger Stone cracks under Jan. 6th investigation’s pressure with HUGE meltdown

FREAKING OUT: Roger Stone cracks under Jan. 6th investigation's pressure with HUGE meltdown

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Trump loyalist Roger Stone had a five-alarm meltdown on his buddy Donald Trump’s Truth Social app this past weekend. The self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” attacked House Select Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) after the congressman hinted at new revelations about Stone’s role in the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

“I think there might be some clues that surface from the new information we got there,” Raskin told CBS News chief election and campaign correspondent Robert Costa during an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin.

Asked how Stone figures in the Jan. 6th story, Raskin replied “stay tuned” — but told Costa that Stone “saw where things were going,” according to Yahoo News.

The Richard Nixon sycophant apparently didn’t take that so well. The alleged coup-plotting, domestic terrorist canoodler called Raskin’s comments a “fresh load of BS” and referred to the Capitol riot probe as “a campaign of guilt by association” in a post on the far-right social media platform Saturday morning.

Four hours later, Stone was still going strong – continuing his attack on Congressman Raskin.

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The hopefully soon-to-be-indicted January 6th conspirator is referring to Raskin’s Democratic colleague — and fellow House Select Committee member — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

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Apparently, there was more vitriol to be dispensed. The Daily Beast’s Zach Petrizzo tweeted this gem:

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Though he has yet to be charged in his connection to then-president Donald Trump’s failed attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election and invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s free and fairly-elected victory, Stone has been the proverbial “elephant in the room” in testimony from convicted Oath Keepers – the far-right extremist group central to the escalated violence during Trump’s MAGA supporters’ attack on the Capitol – and on democracy.

Multiple defendants have testified to following orders believed to have come directly from Stone.

In April, Rolling Stone reported that Jason Sullivan, a former aide to Roger Stone, was caught on tape inciting violence and calling for MAGA domestic terrorists to “descend on the Capitol” on January 6th. Though Sullivan denies ever saying it, a call recorded on December 30, 2020 – less than a week before the insurrection, indicates otherwise:

“He encouraged listeners to come to the Capitol to intimidate members of Congress, ensuring that those inside the building ‘understand that people are breathing down their necks.’ He also said that Trump would also take action by enacting a kind of martial law beginning on Jan. 6 and that Trump would not leave office. ‘Biden will never be in that White House,’ Sullivan said. ‘That’s my promise to each and every one of you,'” Rolling Stone reported.

It was a promise that Stone was luckily not able to keep.

After being served subpoenas for documents related to the House Select Committee’s investigation in November 2021, which compelled his testimony,  Stone interviewed with congressional investigators in December – pleading the fifth on every question.

It appears the walls are finally closing in on the slippery longtime Republican operative — who has only escaped prison so far because of the presidential pardon that Donald Trump gave his political dirty trickster. With new televised hearings just days away, Stone is set to go from a supporting role in the probe to the star.

Occupy Democrats reached out to Roger Stone for comment, and we are still awaiting a reply.

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