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STARVING FOR VOTES: GOP Insurrectionist campaign for PA Governor desperate for divine intervention

STARVING FOR VOTES: GOP Insurrectionist campaign for PA Governor desperate for divine intervention

STARVING FOR VOTES: GOP Insurrectionist campaign for PA Governor desperate for divine intervention

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After falling out of favor with Republican voters, Pennsylvania State Senator and January 6th insurrectionist Doug Mastriano is leaning on his faith to breathe life into his suffering gubernatorial campaign. The Trump-endorsed candidate went all in on MAGA, pandering to the most extreme wing of the GOP base – including far-right militia members – alienating Pennysylvania’s more towards the middle, constituency.

Forcing the White Christian nationalist to turn to none other than his Lord and Savior. Announcing he was fasting for 40 days, from Thursday, September 29th until election day on November 8th, on his Facebook page – and that he was “Interceding for our elections, our state, and our nation.”

“It’ll be my honor to fast with you,” and “I would love to do this! Especially for you,” were among the over 150 comments under Mastriano’s post. Another read:

I finally figured out what I’m going to give up!!!!  I think it will actually give me peace and help the Mastriano campaign as well!!! Thought long and hard on this!!!!!!

They ended the reply with a red heart emoji.

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Unfortunately for Mastriano, the love didn’t spill over to his rally last weekend on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, PA, where The Inquirer reported, “Only a few dozen supporters joined the Republican state senator on the steps of the Capitol building in Harrisburg.”

It was billed as a blockbuster but ended up a flop. If Doug Mastriano’s “big rally” last weekend were a movie, its Rotten Tomatoes score would be in the single digits.

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Mastriano hit the ground running with his campaign, which got a boost after ex-President Donald Trump’s endorsement of the big lie promoter and conspirator in Trump’s attempts to illegally overturn Pennsylvania’s election results, but the state is pretty evenly divided between red and blue voters, with both sides of the aisle leaning somewhere towards the middle.

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It didn’t take long for the state’s GOP voters to grow tired of the hate speech, seditious rhetoric, and extreme Christo-fascist views.

“Mastriano has said he is opposed to abortion without exception.”

Even Mastriano’s own party endorsed his Democratic opponent for Governor, PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

The messaging has grown increasingly erratic, sometimes arguably bordering on nonsensical. One of Mastriano’s main attack strategies these days is emphasizing that he is taller than Shapiro. He and his supporters have also, at times, reverted to earlier campaign themes, such as emphasizing his opposition to abortion with no exceptions, that might have helped during a GOP primary, but that are unpopular with the wider electorate. He has also revived his attacks on fellow Republicans.

The surfacing of a 2019 radio clip, where Mastriano says women who violate abortion bans should be “charged with murder,” in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, probably didn’t help—nor did his comments in the tweet below.

Former Trump attorney and Mastriano legal adviser Jenna Ellis accused the Republican Governor’s Association of abandoning her client, and not putting money into his campaign.

Even right-wing agitator Jack Posobiec tweeted, “The GOP establishment is selling out Doug. Never forget this. Ever.”

Hey Jack, we will forget, and gladly.

Original reporting by William Bender and Jonathan Tamari at The Inquirer. 

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