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STAMPED OUT: Letitia James protects the mail with huge judicial win against DeJoy

STAMPED OUT: Letitia James protects the mail with huge judicial win against DeJoy

STAMPED OUT: Letitia James protects the mail with huge judicial win against DeJoy

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New York Attorney General Letitia James scores yet another win for democracy, stopping Trump-appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from messing with the mail. District Court Judge for the District of Columbia, Emmet G. Sullivan handed down a decision to permanently block the Republican from eroding mail service and undermining the United States Postal Service.

“After he assumed leadership in June 2020, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy pushed through drastic changes to the U.S. Postal Service’s operations that slowed mail operations nationwide, harmed everyday Americans, and made a mockery of the right to vote. No one can act with impunity, and today the rule of law prevailed. My office will continue to defend New Yorkers — and Americans — against actions that slow essential services and threaten the integrity of our democracy.”

In August 2020, James, along with the attorneys general of New Jersey, Hawaii, and San Francisco, filed a lawsuit accusing Trump’s newly appointed Postmaster of deliberately making changes to USPS mail service in an attempt to subvert the upcoming November election, “a day after the postmaster general finished testifying before Congress in which he refused to reverse policies that have slowed mail operations across the nation,” per the NY AG’s office’s August 25th press release.

“This USPS slowdown is nothing more than a voter suppression tactic,” said Attorney General James. “Yet, this time, these authoritarian actions are not only jeopardizing our democracy and fundamental right to vote, but the immediate health and financial well-being of Americans across the nation. We will do everything in our power to stop the president’s power grab and ensure every eligible voter has the opportunity to cast a ballot come November.”

DeJoy’s directives, including “ordering the removal of mailboxes and mail sorting machines, curtailing overtime for USPS staff, prohibiting late and extra trips that ensure mail is delivered on a timely and consistent basis, institutionalizing other policies that cause further delays, and creating confusion regarding what election mail standards the USPS will follow in advance of the November general election,” the AG wrote, undermined the long-standing quality of service and standards the American people have come to expect.

In September 2020, a court granted a temporary injunction at the NY Attorney General’s request.

“Voting is a fundamental right in our democracy, and we will vigorously and relentlessly protect that right,” said Attorney General James.

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“The president’s true intentions behind the postal service changes have been clear as day from the very beginning — to undermine the election in November. We will not stop doing everything in our power to uphold the rule of law and to protect our democracy, ensuring that all eligible voters who wish to cast a ballot in November can do so.”

AG James has racked up numerous wins recently in her pursuit of fiduciary justice for New Yorkers, securing millions of dollars in settlements returned to citizens, and local and state municipalities.

“I want to thank Attorney General James for securing this funding for the expansion of the services and programs offered through the Erie County Office of Consumer Protection,” said Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz. “We will now be able to better investigate consumer complaints and improve our ability to educate our residents about predatory and unlawful businesses attempting to take advantage of others.

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On Thursday, the NY Attorney General’s office announced a six-figure settlement with a pediatric dentistry group for defrauding Medicaid and performing painful, invasive, and unnecessary dental procedures on young children, and on Tuesday, James announced $2 million would be returned to Erie County, to be used to shore up consumer protection programs after state prosecutors successfully prosecuted predatory debt collections agencies which used bullying and illegal tactics to recoup losses.

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“I am proud to deliver this funding to support critical programs that will help protect consumers in Buffalo and across Erie County,” said Attorney General James. “Predatory businesses harm hardworking New Yorkers and leave them struggling to make ends meet. These funds will help ensure consumers have the resources and support they need to get their money back and stop scammers. My office will continue to use every tool to protect New Yorkers from fraud and deception.”

With a little over a month until the midterms, the District Court’s decision comes at a crucial time in this nation’s fight for democracy.

New York Attorney General Letitia James got the assignment – and she passed with flying colors.

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