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CYA: Trump attorney who lied about return of classified documents cooperates with the feds

CYA: Trump attorney who lied about return of classified documents cooperates with the feds

CYA: Trump attorney who lied about return of classified documents cooperates with the feds

Trump attorney Christina Bobb is cooperating with federal investigators in the government’s probe into whether the former President violated the Presidential Records Act and obstructed justice. Bobb was named “a person of interest” after being identified as the “custodian of the documents” and signatory of a June 3, 2022 letter certifying that all sensitive materials belonging to the U.S. government had been returned.

Bobb spoke with investigators on Friday, naming two additional Trump lawyers, including lead attorney Evan Corcoran, who was also present during the FBI’s June 3 Mar-a-Lago visit and who – according to NBC News – drafted the letter.

“Bobb, who was Trump’s custodian of record at the time, did not draft the statement, according to the three sources who do not want to comment publicly because of the sensitive nature of the sprawling federal investigation. Instead, Trump’s lead lawyer in the case at the time, Evan Corcoran, drafted it and told her to sign it, Bobb told investigators according to the sources. Bobb also spoke to investigators about Trump legal adviser Boris Epshteyn, who she said did not help draft the statement but was minimally involved in discussions about the records, according to the sources,” NBC reported.

Bobb may be a bumbling attorney, but she knew enough to add a disclaimer to the document. According to NBC, “Before Bobb signed the document, she insisted it be rewritten with a disclaimer that said she was certifying Trump had no more records ‘based upon the information that has been provided to me,’ the sources said of what she told investigators. Bobb identified the person who gave her that ‘information’ as Corcoran, the sources said.”

“She had to insist on that disclaimer twice before she signed it,” said one source who spoke with Bobb about what she told investigators. She is not criminally liable. She is not going to be charged. She is not pointing fingers. She is simply a witness for the truth.” 

That the former One America News host was cognizant enough to try and cover her bases suggests that Bobb had an inkling what she was doing was not completely on the up and up. But considering who she was working for and her presence at the Willard Hotel with Trump attorneys implicated in the ex-President’s coup plot – this won’t likely be the last meeting between Bobb and federal investigators.

Original reporting by Marc Caputo at NBC News

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