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HALF-BAKED: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s embarrassingly painful debate performance

HALF-BAKED: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s embarrassingly painful debate performance

Watching Flowers try and hold an adult conversation with an unhinged conspiracy theorist was painful at times.

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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appeared a bit rattled in her debate against Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers. Both are vying to represent Georgia’s 14th district, which Greene has faithfully underserved for nearly two years

Elected in 2020, Flowers’ insinuation that Greene played a role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol really sent the America First representative over the edge.

“You cannot accuse me of insurrection. I was a victim of the January 6th riot just as much as any other member of Congress. That was my third day on the job. I had nothing to do with what happened that day,” Greene protested.

While Greene made the claim that “there was election fraud and my husband has proof,” that evidence has never been presented.

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MTG conveniently leaves out that she was present at a White House meeting just weeks before the attack on the Capitol and named with several other members of the Republican caucus who also reportedly asked for pardons, according to congressional testimony.

Said January 6th Committee Co-Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS):

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“According to the White House visitor logs obtained by the committee, members of congress present at the White House on December 21st included, Congressman Bryan Babin (R-TX), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Louis Gohmert (R-TX), Paul Gosar (R-AZ), Andy Harris (R-  ), Jody Hice (R-GA), Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Scott Perry (R-PA). And then Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene was also there. we heard testimony in an earlier hearing that a pardon was ultimately requested by Congressman Moe Brooks and other members of Congress who attended the meeting.”

Greene may not like being called a traitor, but she had no problem accusing Democrats of being the party of “grooming,” child abuse, and the mutilation of genitals.

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But Marge wasn’t done, managing to pack as many right-wing talking points and QAnon narratives into the half-hour debate.

Flowers maintained his composure – even with confronted with insanity. His best pushback of the evening may have been when Greene accused the veteran of wanting to “defund the police,” reminding his opponent that just two months ago she was profiting off of the FBI’s legally executed search at ex-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

“Defund the FBI shirts and hats that you’re selling, making money off of,” Flowers said.

The freshman congresswoman was no match for her adversary, despite giving it her best (using the term very loosely) effort. Watching Flowers try and hold an adult conversation with an unhinged conspiracy theorist was painful at times.

The difference in rationale, intellect, patience, and decorum was like night and day. It’s time for Georgia to send MTG back home to Rome and elect a candidate that will spend more time in office legislating, than gallivanting around the country spewing hate.

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