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HEY VLAD: Killing Russian terrorists does not make you a “terrorist”

HEY VLAD: Killing Russian terrorists does not make you a “terrorist”

Hey Vlad: Killing Russian terrorists does not make you a “terrorist”

Two heroes who sacrificed their lives to kill eleven soldiers and injure another fifteen at a Russian training camp in Belgorod were characterized by the Russian government as “terrorists.” Yet the governor of Belgorod noted that there were “no residents of Belgorod region among the wounded and dead.” Still, many news organizations quoted the “terrorist” line without any counter. CNN even referred to those killed as “victims.”

Someone needs to explain to Vlad the Impotent and CNN who the terrorists are and who the victims are. Whatever your view on drone strikes, when the U.S. kills al Qaeda members at a terrorist training camp, none of those people are victims; they’re terrorists, killed before they can kill any of us.

Belgorod is just 25 miles from the Ukrainian border. The troops training there are getting ready to go into Ukraine, where they intended to kill and subjugate the Ukrainian people. If there was such a training camp in Mexico, how quickly you think the U.S. would hit it?

We ought to be more careful about repeating verbatim political spin coming from the Russian Defense Ministry – especially since it’s continued to be thoroughly humiliated by the rugged Ukrainians. They will, of course, characterize justifiable attacks as “terrorist” acts. They did so with the strike on the Kerch Strait Bridge (Crimea Bridge) as well, recall.

Putin right now is like a feral dog that’s been slapped hard and then slapped again – he doesn’t know whether to bark, bite, or snap at his own tail. He’s meeting with more and more dissent in his own country and is likely becoming paranoid about those surrounding him.

Never did he expect that Volodymyr Zelensky, a performer, a comic actor, would ever be able to stand up to him and the might of the Russian army. Yet Zelensky has proven more than up to the task, and Putin has found himself in a quagmire from which he sees no acceptable escape. Which, of course, also makes him dangerous – just like that dog, if you put him in a corner.

Often the bigger a person’s claim, the smaller they are in reality. Putin has made many promises he can’t deliver on. (Wikimedia Commons)

It’s understandable, considering all this, why the autocrat and his lackeys would be so concerned about an attack at their own training grounds: the war in Ukraine is growing more unpopular by the day in Russia. Russians are witnessing fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends come home in body bags on a daily basis.

Now, because of two heroes who lost their lives in the process, the Russian people have been alerted that, if you’re going to train to kill Ukrainians, you might not ever make it to Ukraine. Or your next birthday, for that matter.

Ross Rosenfeld is a writer from New York whose work has appeared in many publications, and who is proud to be hated by Rudy Giuliani and just as proud to be part of the Occupy team. Follow him on Twitter @RossRosenfeld.

Ross Rosenfeld

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