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OPINION: Why would anyone vote for Herschel Walker? I know why.

OPINION: Why would anyone vote for Herschel Walker? I know why.

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Why on earth would anyone vote for Herschel Walker? I know why, because I was one who would have before I came to my senses.

You would think with the abortion scandals, family issues, and idiocy of pulling out his “badge” in the middle of his debate with Senator Warnock, that it would be an easy decision to pick the Democratic Senator in a landslide, but, nope, not really.

I had to mentally go back to 2016 when I was a Trump supporter and remember why I voted for him even though Hillary Clinton was the right person for the job. I remember when I jumped on the Trump Train, the hate and anger towards Democrats and liberal values grew.

No matter what Trump said or did, it didn’t matter because he wasn’t a Democrat “taking our rights away.” Regardless of his past, Trump’s alleged present was that was pro-life, and cared about the military and veterans and with his hatred towards immigrants and Muslims, he wanted to secure the borders of our country and protect the American way of life.

The same ideology can be applied to Walker being a MAGA Republican candidate. No matter what that person has done, or the contradictory beliefs in his past, it doesn’t matter because he is not a Democrat.

The anger and hate clouds the mind of realizing that you turn back on your principles, your oath to the Constitution and more, that’s why Republicans and conservative pundits with the use of propaganda will try to find ways to distract their constituents when one of their own is held accountable.

So you can see why it’s easy for people to vote for someone like Trump and Walker, yes, but there is a way to wake people up. With me, when I was encouraged to have respectful discourse, I let my wall down, and learned the truth about Democratic officials and liberal values.

I learned that they are not out to take away my rights and freedoms but to fight for those who don’t have them. If we can have more dialogue, more people can see that Democrats are not the enemy of the country.

Conservatives will then be able to pick decent Republican candidates who are no longer associated with Trumpsim.

Until then, however, we continue the fight to preserve democracy. It’s not an easy one, but no one worth winning ever is.

David M. Weissman is a former Republican who has seen the light. 

You can follow him on Twitter here.

This is an opinion column that solely reflects the opinions of the author.

David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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