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REMEDIAL MATH: FEC schools MTG on basic arithmetic

REMEDIAL MATH: FEC schools MTG on basic arithmetic

SEWAGE SPILL: Marge Taylor Greene just leaked classified information to the public

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The Federal Election Commission issued a warning to a PAC connected to Marjorie Taylor Greene. It’s not the first time she’s had to scramble to fix a financial fiasco. In a letter that sounds like part of a Campaign Finance 101 course to MTG’s “Save America Stop Socialism” PAC, an FEC official had to explain that numbers have to add up, you cannot misreport your cash on hand, and – in what would seem like a fairly obvious one – “contributions may not be designated for an election which has already occurred” (other than to reduce debts).

That last one referred to the PAC wrongfully sending $5,000 to Republican House candidate for Ohio’s 9th J.R. Majewski – a concordant nutjob – after the primary.

The official went on to caution that a future audit or “enforcement action” may take place if the organization can’t get its act together.

Greene has been in a similar position before. During the last election cycle, she amended her filings all in one day to convert nearly a million dollars from campaign donations to loans that would be carried forward.

It certainly seems unorthodox, to say the least. But in fairness, can we really expect Marge to do math? I’m pretty sure that’s her kryptonite (along with, perhaps, facts, books, learning in general, and anything resembling a logical thought).

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Perhaps the accounting books are just in the very same place that her soon-to-be ex-husband has tucked away the “evidence” of the 2020 election fraud Greene claimed he has in her debate with Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers. Or maybe the Rothschilds manipulated her filings with their magic space lasers.

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One might argue that this is all a sign of possible corruption, but I’m honestly more inclined to give the representative from Georgia’s 14th the benefit of the doubt here. After all, she has the perfect exculpatory evidence: her own utter stupidity.

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You can no sooner blame her for mathematical errors than you can blame Fido for eating the kids’ homework or criticize a baboon for its misinterpretation of Shakespeare. If the FEC filings were written in Chinese, it probably would have been little less comprehensible for MTG and her mindless minions.

I only wonder if, should the Republicans take back the House, they’ll put her in charge of the Budget Committee. Perhaps then their tax expenditures and gifts to the rich will somehow compute – using “Marge Math.”

Ty Ross contributed research and reporting.

Ross Rosenfeld is a writer from New York whose work has appeared in many publications, and who is proud to be hated by Rudy Giuliani and just as proud to be part of the Occupy team. Follow him on Twitter @RossRosenfeld.

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