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UNDOCUMENTED DILEMMA: How Ron DeSantis violated his own law – key staff under scrutiny

UNDOCUMENTED DILEMMA: How Ron DeSantis violated his own law – key staff under scrutiny

FLORIDA, MAN: Sunshine State is without a governor as DeSantis runs for prezn DeSantis violated his own law – key staff under scrutiny

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is flaunting transport laws and arresting people for voting (video below). Yet some say DeSantis should be the one jailed.

A Venezuelan migrant who helped find other undocumented immigrants for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s infamous political stunt is now cooperating with the Bexar sheriff’s office investigation into the matter. Sheriff Javier Salazar’s organized crime unit is currently working with a migrant identified only as “Emmanuel” for his protection to try to get at how government officials from Florida used over $1.5 million in taxpayer money to dupe about 50 migrants into heading from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where no one had been alerted to their arrival. Fortunately, the people of Martha’s Vineyard stepped up and it appears now that the migrants may be able to receive a U-visa.

As the Miami Herald reported, Emmanuel had first been hired to give haircuts to young men within the group, but was then employed as well to pass out cards from Perla Huerta, an agent for the Vertol Systems Company, who was hired by the governor’s administration to oversee the operation. This would appear to violate DeSantis’s own law requiring that both the government and all private businesses contracting with the government use an E-verify system to guarantee that all workers are legally employed. Emmanuel’s employment was very clearly off-the-books, as he received cash payments from Huerta totaling $700.

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It’s also important to note that this was not a hands-off operation: key members of DeSantis’s inner circle were involved: both Larry Keefe, Florida’s chief “public safety” officer and James Uthmeier, DeSantis’s chief of staff, each had a direct role, with Keefe traveling to Texas to ensure that the migrants were properly deceived and deported. Keefe was providing Uthmeier with continual updates. The chief of staff told him, “You have my full support.”

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In addition to the sheriff’s investigation, the Treasury Department is looking into whether Covid funds may have been improperly used, and there have been several lawsuits filed on behalf of the migrants as well.

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Still, DeSantis remains defiant, planning out more flights to drop more migrants off in Democratic strongholds. And he’s not alone: Texas Governor Greg Abbott has transported over 11,000 people to New York, DC, and Chicago; Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has sent 1,800 to Washington.

DeSantis has no concern about flouting the law because he knows it will only elevate his status within the Republican ranks. He’s trying to out-asshole every asshole in the party. In addition to his abductions-by-duplicity, he’s also pushing the Big Lie through his Election Crimes and Security Force (commonly referred to as his “Election Police”). Twenty people – each of whom faces up to five years in prison FOR VOTING – were surprised by police this month. The arresting officers, to their credit, also seemed put off by the entire affair, as can be seen from the video below.

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