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TUCKERED OUT: GOP scrambles to kiss Carlson’s ring after nepotistic snowflake meltdown

TUCKERED OUT: GOP scrambles to kiss Carlson’s ring after nepotistic snowflake meltdown

TOO LATE: As more damaging Tucker Carlson texts leak, Fox tries to control the coverage

White supremacist poster boy Tucker Carlson is reportedly furious that his son Buckley was called out for favoritism in a power struggle among Republican House members. Now one of them has to kiss his ring (and maybe something else).

Carlson’s anger centers around a revealing comment that was made about his son Buckley. The backstory involves a battle between Jim Banks (R-IN) and Tom Emmer of (R-MN), currently the National Republican Congressional Committee chair, to become majority whip – the #3 ranking position in the House, should the GOP reclaim the majority after the November election. The two have been trading barbs and collecting allies.

As first reported by Jonathan Swan for Axios, the racist right-wing Fox “News” host was set off by a report in the Daily Beast that discussed the jockeying between Banks and Emmer, wherein it quoted a “GOP strategist” saying about Banks, “Deep down, he dies to be liked by the Establishment. He hires Tucker Carlson’s son, a 24-year-old kid, to be his communications director,” implying that Buckyboy’s hiring was done to win over his father, who has become a media powerhouse on the right by spreading lies, fear, and innuendo. (Little Buckley had been hired by Banks back in 2019 and is actually 25 now, Swan notes.)

Carlson evidently assumed that the remark came from either Emmer or one of his close staffers. He phoned the Minnesota rep and demanded that he reveal the source, stating that if he didn’t, Carlson would presume the statement derived from Emmer himself. Losing Carlson’s backing could be devastating for his efforts. Unsurprisingly, Emmer denied having anything to do with it. Yet Carlson doesn’t buy it.

And now others are stepping into the fray, including Donald Trump Jr., who only ever got his own positions in life because he was fully qualified and not due to nepotism (right?). Same with Eric. Same with Ivanka.

But I digress.

Psychopath Jr had this to say:

Yesterday, the Greene Monster weighed in:

To her credit, she spelled all of those words right.

This has become a complete headache to Emmer, who is desperate to show he had nothing to do with it, whether he did or not.

Obviously, there’s no better way to show that your son hasn’t received any favoritism than by personally calling a party leader who may or may not have criticized him, forcing him to deny or recant the statement, then getting a bunch of other party leaders to pile onto him. Perhaps Buckley is just the kind of lad his dad likes – the nice, clean kind who pulls himself up by his own bootstraps! – unlike the immigrants Tucker has said make America “dirtier.” This is (of course!) not a sign of any privilege! How dare you even think that! Tucker’s golden child got on Banks’s staff because he just happened to be the most qualified candidate. (Well, it could be true – perhaps they were looking for a rich, racist white asshole’s son and he fit the mold perfectly.)

And by the way, Tucker: If you don’t want to make your son sound privileged, maybe Buckley Carlson wasn’t the best name to go with. Tucker and Buckley Carlson sound like a father-son duo out of an Upton Sinclair novel wherein he intended to describe the snobbiest, snottiest pair of nitwits on the planet.

Maybe the names also go some way in explaining their personalities in a different way too…Tuck and Buck, both rhyme with…?

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