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DEMOCRACY IN DANGER: Michael Flynn teams up with election denier in voter intimidation plot

DEMOCRACY IN DANGER: Michael Flynn teams up with election denier in voter intimidation plot

DEMOCRACY IN DANGER: Michael Flynn teams up with election denier in voter intimidation plot

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Trump loyalists and big lie pushers are positioning themselves in key roles as poll workers ahead of the midterm election. Using the 2020 election as fuel, disgraced general Michael Flynn and former CEO Patrick Byrne are recruiting former military members and first responders to do their dirty work.

The America Project, a right-wing organization, has been recruiting MAGA supporters around the country – using promotional videos depicting a distorted and dystopian country in a full-court, fear-mongering press.

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“AMERICA NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER,” read an October post on the group’s Instagram account. “You took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution. And defending it means ensuring election integrity.”

Baseless claims of election fraud have permeated the Republican base, and Flynn and Byrne are capitalizing on it. Targeting battleground states, The American Project has recruited nearly 6,000 poll workers in the hotly contested state of Pennsylvania alone – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin are also on the slate.
As the election draws near, reports of voter intimidation have increased.
In the battleground state of Arizona, a Phoenix sheriff has announced that his department is stepping up security at ballot drop boxes. Prominent election deniers in the state running for statewide office have fanned the flames of skepticism among voters buying into the gaslighting and lies.
The coupling of Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and Byrne, the vocal big lie believer, is a warning sign for all proponents of democracy. Spreading debunked and unsubstantiated propaganda in an attempt to intimidate and suppress the vote of American citizens to further their agenda – and using falsities to do it.
“Recruiting people based on lies is problematic, and to do that and then to add the militaristic ‘we’re at war’ imagery, I think is inviting people to that process with the wrong perspective,” Sean Morales-Doyle, acting director of voting rights at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice, told ABC News. “Skepticism is one thing, but coming to that job believing that the election was stolen and on the lookout for nonexistent conspiracies and fraud is problematic.”
The United States has a deeply rooted history of voter intimidation, particularly in communities of color.
As reports of voter suppression tactics in predominantly minority communities continue to surface, organizations like The American Project and their use of fascist-adjacent videos aimed at indoctrinating those susceptible to the gaslighting is a lose-lose proposition for America and democracy – especially if the Christofascist traitor Flynn is involved.
Original source Will Steakin at ABC News
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