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MONUMENTAL STUPIDITY: You’re never going to guess who’s joining the National Women’s Suffrage Monument Foundation

MONUMENTAL STUPIDITY: You’re never going to guess who’s joining the National Women’s Suffrage Monument Foundation

MONUMENTAL STUPIDITY: You're never going to guess who's joining the National Women's Suffrage Monument Foundation

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Alice Paul must be turning over in her grave. The National Women’s Suffrage Monument Foundation has made MELANIA TRUMP an honorary co-chair.

Yes, you read that right (I put it in caps to make sure you didn’t miss it): Melania Trump has been named as an honorary co-chair for the National Women’s Suffrage Monument.

To the boneheaded board that made this decision, I say: Really? And when I say “really” I mean REALLY???  Was no one else available? I mean – ANYBODY else?

Here’s a woman who has continually sat silent while her husband has repeatedly tried to undermine and overthrow our democracy. Sat silent as he sought to toss out 81 million votes. Sat silent as he put in place a Muslim ban and packed the Supreme Court with jurors who will try to systematically limit the rights of women.

She has done nothing whatsoever to try to stop her husband from abusing people’s rights and we’re putting her on a committee dedicated to building a monument for those who fought for their entire lives to gain rights?


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Ironic, isn’t it, considering that her husband is not only a credibly accused rapist, mind you, but has been caught on tape admitting to sexual assault? Did she do anything or say anything about his crimes? No, of course not.

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This is a woman who has literally expressed how much she doesn’t care with her wardrobe.

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Why in the world would they want to honor her in any way, much less besmirch the monument with her very presence?

At any point, Melania Trump could’ve done the right thing and bolted from her husband, putting her country before her own greedy interests. She did not. Why? Because doesn’t care about the country; doesn’t care about the harm her husband has done to people; doesn’t care about Muslims, other minorities, or the oppressed; doesn’t care about income inequality; and certainly doesn’t care about history or sacrifice.

This is a monument I would have been happy to take my girls to see, but now they might as well just scrap the entire thing and start over. This is not what our heroes – Ms. Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carrie Chapman Catt, and others – deserve.

And yes, I am aware that Dirty Donald was the president who signed the monument into law – to which I say, “I couldn’t care two Fig Newtons!”

I am, of course, a liberal. After all, I have a brain and a heart. Yet liberals ought to stop seeking comity and start seeking sanity.

This is pure insanity.

Surely Melania won’t like me after this one. But you can – on Twitter! @RossRosenfeld

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