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AMERICA’S BACK: How Joe Biden scored a $100 billion manufacturing BOOM through CHIPS

AMERICA’S BACK: How Joe Biden scored a $100 billion manufacturing BOOM through CHIPS

Biden scored a $100 billion manufacturing BOOM through CHIPS

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President Joe Biden is bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, announcing on Thursday a $100 billion investment by technology firm Micron to build the country’s largest semiconductor manufacturing facility in upstate New York.

Spurred by Biden’s economic plan, Micron Technology Inc’s CEO Sanjay Mehrotra credited the CHIPS and Science Act, signed into law in August, for the company’s investment.

“There is no doubt that without the CHIPS Act, we would not be here today,” Mehrotra said in a statement.

According to Syracuse Post-Standard:

“To those who doubted that America could dominate the industries of the future, I say this – you should never bet against the American people, Bident said in a statement. … ‘Today is another win for America, and another massive new investment in America spurred by my economic plan.'”

The announcement comes at a crucial time when Republicans — who voted against the legislation — are attempting to blame President Biden for rising costs, and not putting “America First.”

Thousand of “good paying” jobs are expected to be created in what White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain says is “one of the largest industrial job-creating projects in U.S. history.”

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Contrary to the words and actions of Republicans — and the unfulfilled promises of the Trump Administration — President Biden and the Democrats have succeeded where the GOP failed, creating jobs that can support a family and lowering the costs of goods produced in the U.S.

But New York isn’t the only state that will see the benefit of the current administration’s policies, Biden shared a map showing nationwide investment into factories and plants that will build gas-powered and electric vehicles, and batteries, along with semiconductors.

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A month before Micron announced its investment, semiconductor manufacturer Wolfspeed Inc. pledged $5 billion to build a chip-making facility in North Carolina.

Intel has committed to building a $20 billion factory in Ohio. The company will need a reported 7,000 workers to complete construction, The Verge reported.

“Once finished, the 1,000-acre site will house two factories, or fabs, and employ at least 3,000 people. But it has future plans to invest $100 billion into the project.”

With the Inflation Reduction Act passed, in 2023 American families will see a reduction in energy bills, prescription drug prices, and the cost of healthcare. Republicans plan to do the opposite.

Cutting taxes for the wealthy, driving up inflation, and increasing healthcare premiums are just a few of the policies the party wants to enact — to the detriment of working families across America.

Record low unemployment, a GDP increase of 2.6%, and massive job creation are just the beginning. Hundreds of billions in investment are the boom that this country needs to bring it back to the forefront of innovation and creation – once again making us a competitive force on the world stage.

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