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HEAVY HITTER: The DOJ just added top terrorism prosecutor to Trump classified documents case

HEAVY HITTER: The DOJ just added top terrorism prosecutor to Trump classified documents case

HEAVY HITTER: The DOJ just added top terrorism prosecutor to Trump classified documents case

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The Department of Justice is bringing in the big guns, with DOJ veteran national security prosecutor David Raskin joining the federal legal team investigating Donald Trump’s storing of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Considered to be one of the most experienced federal prosecutors, Raskin has prosecuted several high-profile terrorism cases.

“The addition of Raskin to the team handling the Mar-a-Lago probe is another indication of the seriousness with which Justice Department officials view the case and underscores the high stakes for both Trump and those tasked with investigating him,” The Washington Post reported.

National law security experts say this is an indication that the Justice Department has enough evidence to bring charges against the ex-President.

“Prosecutors appear to have amassed evidence in the case that would meet some of the criteria for bringing charges against the former president — an unprecedented action that they said likely would only happen if the Justice Department believes it has an extremely strong case,” according to The Washington Post.

Security concerns were heightened when it was discovered that ex-President Trump was in possession of classified materials — clearly marked on some of the items returned to the National Archives in January 2022. This raised questions about possible violations of the Espionage Act, as well as the Presidential Records Act.

It would be another five months before federal agents retrieved additional documents — two months prior to executing a search warrant at Trump’s Palm Beach home. An inventory of the materials revealed several folders with classified markings were empty.

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The Washington Post reported that the top secret and sensitive records “included at least one document about Iran’s missile program and others about intelligence-gathering work aimed at China.”

Merely two weeks ago, the seasoned prosecutor secured a guilty plea in the case of a former FBI analyst accused of taking over 300 classified documents to her Kansas City home. Among them were documents referring to the terrorist group al-Qaeda and its former leader Osama bin Laden.

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Revelations that the ex-President packed the 15 boxes returned to NARA himself complicate the matter. It was an unprecedented move that sheds new light on what Donald Trump knew – and whom he shared it with.

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This puts the DOJ investigation into the removal of top-secret materials from the White House when Trump left office in January 2021 right in David Raskin’s wheelhouse. It appears the DOJ thinks so too.

Original reporting by Devlin Barret, Perry Stein, and Josh Dawsey at The Washington Post.

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