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O NO: Twitter divided as Oprah gets blamed for unleashing Oz

O NO: Twitter divided as Oprah gets blamed for unleashing Oz

O NO: Twitter divided as Oprah gets blamed for unleashing Ozlamed for unleashing Dr. Oz

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[UPDATE: not long after this story was filed, but before it was published, Oprah Winfrey endorsed not Dr. Oz, but John Fetterman. I AM MAGIC!]

PSA: Black women are nobody’s scapegoat.

Honestly, if I didn’t have a minimum character quota to meet, I should be able to end this here, because IYKYK. But mediocre white Republican men don’t, so even though they can’t be carefully untaught to hate, the rest of us can at the very least hold them accountable.

It’s in no way Oprah’s fault that Dr. “Meh”met Oz is running for Senate in Pennsylvania. His medical career began in the mid-1980’s and he didn’t appear on her show until the early 2000s.  She’s mostly tried to stay out of this whole mishegoss.

“One of the great things about our democracy is that every citizen can decide to run for public office,” Winfrey said in December through her spokesperson Nicole Nichols. “Mehmet Oz has made that decision. And now it’s up to the residents of Pennsylvania to decide who will represent them.”

Look, I don’t fully understand how the Jizz-ard of Oz went from America’s TV doctor pal who supported a person’s right to bodily autonomy to a New Jersey hack quack shill snake oil salesman and Donald Trump’s sole choice to run against the experienced Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania for Senate. But Oprah didn’t call up Trump and say, “Here’s one thing I know…Mehmet Oz should be in the Senate.”

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It’s so easy to blame a Black woman, isn’t it? White men have always used women as their preferred scapegoat, but it’s even better for them if they can do it to a Black woman. It’s so obvious. It’s like blaming Mark Burnett for giving Trump a TV show. Trump existed before Burnett. Oprah may have boosted Oz, but she is a separate entity of her own who isn’t responsible for her former employee’s life choices.

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However, the reaction from Twitter has shown an interesting divide on this take. I’ve seen Black Twitter defend Oprah, but I’ve also seen other takes which demand that she denounce Oz.

Then there’s Black Twitter dragging white celebrities for blaming Oprah.

As a white woman, I have no place speaking for a Black woman’s lived experience. As a Jewish American, I can empathize with being treated like the cause for every chip on every MAGA shoulder. What I can do is be a witness to the way the GOP treats all communities other than rich, white, Christian Republicans, and then be the best ally to them that I can be.

I do personally believe Democratic Black women should be in charge of everything. And I also believe in holding an individual responsible for their own actions. If seeing Dr. Oz on that ballot makes you angry, then channel that energy into a contribution to John Fetterman and phone banking to tell your Pennsylvania pals to get to the polls. And follow more Black women on social media.

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