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FINANCE QUESTIONS: Arizona GOP candidate Kari Lake has a new scandal brewing

FINANCE QUESTIONS: Arizona GOP candidate Kari Lake has a new scandal brewing

FINANCE QUESTIONS: Arizona GOP candidate Kari Lake has a new scandal brewing

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A firm linked to Kari Lake, the ultra-MAGA candidate for Arizona governor, is suspected of violating campaign finance laws. Superfeed Technologies, the company behind an app developed for GOP candidates, has raised questions about its role in distributing information on Republicans running for office.

Lack of transparency and disclosure in connection to the app’s promotion — and Lake’s campaign — constitutes a violation of state contribution rules, according to The Daily Beast.

“In some states, corporations and unions can contribute directly to campaigns. That’s not the case in Arizona,” election attorney James Barton told The Daily Beast. “They may have for-free promoted her, and if that’s the case, that’s illegal, because that would be an in-kind contribution from a company.”

Since announcing her campaign, the former Arizona local news anchor has been mired in controversy. The company, formerly known as FeedMe, Inc., reportedly paid Lake for work as a “communication advisor,” according to financial disclosures.

Previously linked to the far right-wing media outlet Western Journal and its founder Floyd Brown, former Trump campaign Chief Operating Officer and Arizona treasurer Jeff DeWit is listed as CEO of Superfeed on LinkedIn.

Lake’s campaign has been quiet about its relationship with Superfeed, despite requests from The Daily Beast. The address listed on Lake’s disclosure, and on the application’s website is one and the same, however.

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The Arizona Clean Elections Commission has the authority to pursue whether campaign finance violations have been committed, according to Barton.

With the midterm election just days away, the likelihood of an investigation before then is minimal.

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“I think it’s something that they would investigate,” Barton said. It’s just, it’s going to take a few months.

As dark money floods the political sphere, transparency in the flow of donations to candidates is of the utmost importance. GOP candidate Kari Lake’s refusal to properly disclose her campaign’s relationship with the company is the latest in a long line of red flags.

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Original reporting by William Bredderman at The Daily Beast.

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