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STAR STATUS: Obama brings the house down with fiery Philly speech for Fetterman and Shapiro

STAR STATUS: Obama brings the house down with fiery Philly speech for Fetterman and Shapiro

STAR STATUS: Obama brings the house down with fiery Philly speech for Fetterman and Shapiro

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Former President Barack Obama set Philadelphia on fire last night. Campaigning in the battleground state of Pennsylvania for Democratic Lt. Governor-turned-United States Senate candidate John Fetterman, and Attorney General-turned-gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro.

To a large, and enthusiastic crowd, the country’s first Black president reminded America of how it feels to dream.

Like a fire and brimstone preacher, Obama called voters to the altar — a/k/a the ballot box — stoking democracy’s fires just days ahead of the midterm election.

The kind of slash-and-burn politics that we’re seeing right now—that doesn’t have to be who we are,” Obama reminded the crowd.

“We can be better. And it has nothing to do with political correctness  — or being too woke. It’s about fundamental values that my grandparents from Kansas taught me. Values, I grew up with. Values, you grew up with. Values we ty to teach our kids. Values we learn in churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.”

“Honesty, fairness, opportunity, hard work,” Obama added. “Values that Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman stands for. Values that Joe Biden stands for.”

Yes, President Joe Biden was there too. A class reunion of sorts between the POTUS and the FPOTUS. Philly voters were here for it — as was the rest of America.

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Former President Obama has been on a nationwide tear for the past few weeks, crisscrossing the country and campaigning for Democratic candidates in key battleground states, reminding voters what’s at stake on Tuesday and the consequence of sitting out.

“A freedom call for clarion, and equality that Philly’s own liberty bell represents,” Obama intoned.

“That’s what America stands for! THAT’s who we are!”

President Obama’s a natural when it comes to speaking to the people, harnessing his powers of perspective and passion, and his ability to stir the public’s emotions. His speech in Philadelphia is a reminder that the journey down the road America is headed can be halted — and reversed.

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Where the GOP trades in the perceived helplessness of the privileged, Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, and candidates like Shapiro and Fetterman seek to inspire hope among the marginalized.

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Let’s hope that Pennsylvania follows the advice of both the current and former presidents and elects the Democrats that their state — and the country—  needs on Tuesday.

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