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OPINION: Republicans can vote blue too, if they believe in democracy

OPINION: Republicans can vote blue too, if they believe in democracy

OPINION: Republicans can vote blue too, if they believe in democracy

Election Day is right around the corner with so much at stake.— our freedoms, the rule of law, the right to choose, and more. This is possibly the most important election in our lifetime. Of the two major political parties, the Democrats are for freedom and the Constitution, while the Republicans are for fascism.

For those who aren’t aware of my journey, I was Republican for many years until I left the Party in 2018, eventually ended my support for Trump, and later in 2019 became a Democrat.

Now, I didn’t become a Democrat because of Trump.

I learned the true values of the Democratic Party which won me over.  As a former Republican, I can understand why many Independents or moderate Republicans would feel uncomfortable making such a commitment, and it’s OK. It’s their American right to choose what party they belong to.

However, I will make the case that they do not have to become a Democrat to vote blue.

The Constitution of the United States is what is supposed to guarantee our rights and freedoms, privileges that we all share and on which we can find a common ground. Trump has violated the Constitution several times and was impeached for it.

He also has attacked our rule of law and Democracy, today’s Republican Party supports this seditious act with their continued support for the two-time impeached loser.

There are hundreds of Republican candidates who are election deniers, they literally deny the Democratic process of our country.

Today’s Republicans attack free speech (like Ron DeSantis who went to war with Disney for their values), support the banning of books in schools, and try to take away parents’ rights to support their LGBTQ children.

If the red wave happens, that will set the United States back years of progress to how our country has grown.

I think a great way our country can unite is to encourage those to support issues that unite us instead of dividing us because our Democracy is worth fighting for.

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David Weissman
Opinion columnist and Army veteran. Former MAGA, now a Biden voter.

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