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FOUL FUTURE: Trump describes his plans for dictatorship at Ohio rally

FOUL FUTURE: Trump describes his plans for dictatorship at Ohio rally

FOUL FUTURE: Trump describes his plans for dictatorship at Ohio rally

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Donald Trump’s demonization of the American left and his alarming rhetoric continue to reach new heights. At an Ohio rally for GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance, Trump referred to Nancy Pelosi, the first female speaker of the House, as “an animal,” said we have become a communist country, and declared that “our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister, and evil people from within our country.”

This is the same type of fascistic rhetoric that history has seen before. In Rwanda, prior to the Tutsi genocide, for instance, radio broadcasts by Hutu leaders consistently dehumanized the Tutsi people, referring to them as “cockroaches.” Trump is promoting the exact same type of offensive and violence-inducing language.

Trump repeatedly claimed that “the Left” always cheats and demanded that Republicans “swarm” election sites in order to stop this from happening.

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“[W]e need a landslide so big that the radical Left cannot rig it or cannot steal it….And if you care about election integrity, volunteer as an election worker, a poll watcher, a poll challenger….They do it, and they do it in a very rough manner, but we’re gonna swamp ’em,” the twice-impeached former presdient claimed.

Trump also invented the highly improbable assertion that President Biden has a private army that he uses to persecute right-winters and suppress free speech:

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“Before our very eyes, Biden and his left-wing handlers are turning America into a police state…like something out of the communist countries that you would read about all the time. The radical Democrats are locking up pro-life activists, persecuting their political opponents, silencing dissent, and using the full force of government, law enforcement, and the media to try to defeat our movement.”

He added that the Feds are “torturing” people to falsify information against him. People this delusional are usually taken away for observation in tight white coats with their arms strapped down.

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Dirty Donald told supporters that he would have a “big” announcement on November 15 – almost certainly the date he will announce his candidacy for president for the 2024 election.

If he’s put back in office, he’s promised to arrest people suspected of drug dealing, give them two-hour trials, then execute them.

They deserve this, the former president claimed, because each one kills 500 people, so executing them, Xi- or Duterte-style, is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, Trump’s plan completely ignores Americans’ constitutional right to due process.

To make sure his followers felt even more threatened, he told them (again) that we are suffering an “invasion” at our Southern border, ignoring (as just about every Republican does) that the Biden administration is actually making more arrests there than ever before, so undocumented people who try to cross illegally are not usually getting in. Also ignored in this equation, of course, is the fact that asylum seekers and refugees are not “illegal aliens,” as those are legal means of entering the country.

If this wasn’t enough, he also promised a fair degree of indoctrination of children, while accusing the left of the same for promoting the idea that we should treat trans people like – well – people.

He said that he intends to “restore a patriotic education to our schools” – meaning that any criticism of US policies and any reasonable interpretation of American history would be a no-no. His plan amounts to a free brainwashing with every diploma rather than encouraging our students to learn the independent and critical thinking that has made the United States a center for worldwide innovation.

Over 250 Republican pols and candidates have endorsed Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 election. Many candidates are running on the platform that they will essentially reject any election results that go against the GOP.

At what point, then, do we call Trump’s continued presence on the campaign trail what it is: a threat to democracy and the promotion of fascism?

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