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SKEEZEHEAD: Wisconsin man arrested after sending death threats to Dem. Governor

SKEEZEHEAD: Wisconsin man arrested after sending death threats to Dem. Governor

SKEEZEHEAD: Wisconsin man arrested after sending death threats to Dem. Governor

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Just days before the midterm election, a Wisconsin man has been arrested for threatening to kill the state’s current governor, Tony Evers. Court documents reveal that on or around October 27, 2022, defendant Michael A. Yaker posted Facebook messages threatening to harm the Wisconsin Democrat.

Wisconsin State Capitol Police Officer, Ted Schwarz, was contacted by the Correspondence Manager for Tony Evers’ office after receiving a threatening email from an account Schwarz recognized as being associated with Yaker. According to the veteran officer:

The content of the email was “Mother Nature*** Tony is a Dead Man Walking ?????? ???? Marked For Elimination My Pronouns Are Lakota War Chief I Will Destroy The State of WI Prepare to Die Ahokay.

Having corresponded before with Yaker at the address used to threaten the Governor, Schwarz responded. “Hello, my name is Officer Schwarz with the State Capitol Police Department. I received a call from the Governor’s Office regarding a concerning email you sent today.”

“Please contact me as soon as you can as I want you to clarify your email.”

Dane County Sheriff’s Office Detective Timothy Blanke has been familiar with Yaker for over a decade. Going back to 2010, Yaker – a contractor – sent multiple threatening phone calls and emails after his company lost a contract to build a park shelter at Scheidegger County Park – posting inciteful rhetoric on social media and disrupting official government functions.

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Schwarz passed copies of the emails to Blanke’s office after receiving a disturbing reply from Yaker.

“I speak for the more than Human World I’d like to have my hands around his throat…I’d like to bash his head against A Concrete Wall Til the Concrete Turns to Dust…I’d like to have his blood on my hands I’d like to see his Blood Drain Down the Gutter I’d Like Have to shares of his skull in my Medicine Bag Is that Clear enough For you Ted!?!?!”

This is the latest example of increased political violence against Democratic politicians. A Pennsylvania House representative reported being beaten in his own yard over politics, and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel expressed concerns for her safety after Tuesday’s election.

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Fortunately, Wisconsin law enforcement officials are taking the threat seriously. Promptly arresting the suspect. The radicalization of those already on the edge of a flat earth is unfortunately on the rise. With high-profile GOP candidates in key states already spreading baseless claims of a stolen election, unfortunately, this may just be the beginning. In an increasingly polarized political climate, all threats need to be taken at their word – with a zero-tolerance policy for domestic terrorism.

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Evers is up for reelection against MAGA candidate, Tim Michels.

Read the complaint here.

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