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SHORT TERM: DeSantis victory party chant hints at intent to run against Trump

SHORT TERM: DeSantis victory party chant hints at intent to run against Trump

OPPRESSED: DeSantis disciples move to limit press criticism of government

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Ron DeSantis has won another term as Florida’s Governor, but his supporters don’t seem to expect that he’ll finish it out. At his victory party, a chant broke out expressing support for him to spend only two years as governor, before dropping out in time for the 2024 Presidential Election.

The prospect of DeSantis running in 2024 has resulted in some public tension with Donald Trump, who is expected to announce his campaign next week. Trump has already started lashing out at DeSantis, posting attacks on Truth Social and has hinted that he will release compromising or damaging information on the Florida Governor if he dares to run.

DeSantis has been somewhat close-mouthed about his plans, even clamming up when, at a pre-election debate, his gubernatorial opponent, Charlie Crist, asked if he could promise voters that he’d finish his term if re-elected and he just looked at him with a dead, blank stare.

At his victory party, though, DeSantis seemed to revel in the attention, not just for his win, but for his future plans. When the crowd broke out into a “two more years” chant — showing support for a 2024 presidential bid — DeSantis grins, nods, and calls back his appreciation.

Trump, who said on Tuesday that he cast a vote for DeSantis to retain his seat as governor, has not yet publicly responded to the news of his win, other than as one of many GOP candidates he endorsed.

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Watch DeSantis’ reaction closely in the clip below, as the crowd chants.

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He’s beginning to be anointed as the future leader of the Republican Party, not just by his victory party crowd. The New York Post published the Wednesday edition of its paper with DeSantis on the cover, calling the 44-year-old a “young GOP star,” and labeling him “Defuture.”

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Trump, meanwhile, has been teasing an announcement for a while, and has scheduled an event for November 15th, when he’s expected to announce that he’s running for President. As seen in his last campaign, he can be expected to wage a brutal battle on all opponents, rife with name-calling and personal attacks — and in DeSantis’ case, he’s already warned that he’s got dirt on his potential opponent and won’t hesitate to spill it.

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