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BIGGEST LOSER: Right wing media has a field day scorching Donald Trump

BIGGEST LOSER: Right wing media has a field day scorching Donald Trump

BIGGEST LOSER: Right wing media has a field day scorching Donald Trump

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The New York Post and Wall Street Journal, both owned by Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch, ruthlessly mocked Donald Trump after high-profile Republican candidates the ex-President backed in 2022 lost big on election night.

In a humiliating front-page editorial, the Post referred to the ex-President as “Trumpty Dumpty,” with a caricature of Trump as nursery rhyme OG, Humpty Dumpty.

Don (who couldn’t build a wall) had a great fall – can GOP’s men put the party back together again?”

The more conservative Wall Street Journal was less than forgiving, saying that is the “Republican Party’s biggest loser,” and throwing rainforest-style shade at his record, “He has now flopped in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022,” the editorial board wrote.

Since his unlikely victory in 2016 against the widely disliked Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump has a perfect record of electoral defeat. The GOP was pounded in the 2018 midterms owing to his low approval rating. Mr. Trump himself lost in 2020. He then sabotaged Georgia’s 2021 runoffs by blaming party leaders for not somehow overturning his defeat. That gave Democrats control of the Senate.

“We’re going to win so much,” Mr. Trump once said, “that you’re going to get sick and tired of winning.” Maybe by now, Republicans are sick and tired of losing, The Journal reported.

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Once backed by Murdoch’s media conglomeration, the propaganda information pipeline has turned on Trump in recent months. Scathing editorials across Murdoch’s print media empire, have criticized the former President’s refusal to move on from 2020, throwing their support behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, another wannabe dictator in chief.

The day after the election, the Post put the Florida Fascist on its cover. “Murdoch’s NYPost goes with: DeFUTURE,” Alex Thompson tweeted.

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Trumpy Republican candidates failed at the ballot box in states that were clearly winnable. This can’t be what Mr. Trump was envisioning ahead of his “very big announcement” next week. Yet maybe the defeats are what the party needs to hear before 2024.

The man-child was angry at Tuesday’s election results, according to Maggie Haberman of The New York Times, turning on the candidates he endorsed.

The highly hyped “Red Wave” came and went like end-of-the-month spotting, with Trump being at the center of election night losses for the GOP.

The always petty tyrant backed questionable candidates whose sole qualifications were whether or not they believed the big lie. Right-wing media is jumping off the Trump Train at full speed and throwing its former golden President under it in the process.

Original reporting by Lee Moran at The HuffPost

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