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STORMY TETHER: Trump refused to evacuate as Mar a Lago preps for Tiffany’s wedding

STORMY TETHER: Trump refused to evacuate as Mar a Lago preps for Tiffany’s wedding

STORMY TETHER : Trump refused to evacuate as Mar a Lago preps for Tiffany's wedding

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Donald Trump refused to comply with Florida’s evacuation orders as the Category 1 Hurricane Nicole touched down on the Eastern part of the state.

Mar-a-Lago was in the storm’s wake and there were no immediate plans to flee, especially considering Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany is expected to marry the son of a Nigerian billionaire there this weekend. Michael Boulos proposed to the legal research assistant and daughter of Marla Maples with a 13-carat diamond from the country of Dubai.

Over 500 guests were scheduled to descend on the site of the stashed top-secret documents, but reports had the Trump family freaking out as a pesky hurricane was getting in its way.

Hurricanes don’t care about extravaganzas, but luckily for them, the ‘cane sputtered out like that big red wave that was supposed to happen.

Still, residents in Palm Beach, Volusia – home to Daytona Beach – Flagler, and Martin counties were given orders to leave due to the impending danger. According to the Associated Press:

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Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s club and home, is in one of those evacuation zones, built about a quarter-mile inland from the ocean. The main buildings sit on a small rise that is about 15 feet (4.6 meters) above sea level and the property has survived numerous stronger hurricanes since it was built nearly a century ago. The resort’s security office hung up Wednesday when an Associated Press reporter asked whether the club was being evacuated and there was no sign of evacuation by early afternoon.

Several airports in the area temporarily closed down, including Palm Beach International Airport, Daytona Beach International Airport, and Orlando International Airport – the seventh largest in the country.
2022 isn’t the first time Mar-a-Lago has been ordered evacuated for the weather. In 2017, the city of Palm Beach ordered mandatory evacuations of the intercoastal island as Hurricane Irma approached – and again in 2019 in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

Dorian’s winds hit 175 miles an hour when approaching the Bahamas, and the resort had already shuttered its windows in anticipation.

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There is currently no penalty for defying an evacuation order. While Mar-a-Lago is constructed about 15 feet above sea level, large waves could see the storm surge past the five feet above sea level that’s expected. Floods, power outages, and infrastructure issues are not out of the ordinary when a tropical storm or hurricane of Nicole’s size.

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We have a feeling the American people care less about whether Trump leaves Mar-a-Lago, as long as he doesn’t return to the White House.

Original reporting by Matthew Cappucci and Jason Samenow at The Washington Post.

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