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DONALD DUMP: Florida Man former guy goes ballistic on his own nasty creations

DONALD DUMP: Florida Man former guy goes ballistic on his own nasty creations

DONALD DUMP: Florida Man former guy goes ballistic on his own nasty creations

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Election night proved to be rough for Dirty Donald. Now he’s targeting his own monstrous creation turned chief rival and fellow Florida Man for control of the Republican Party.

As is well-known about Donald Trump, he would quicker let everything burn rather than heed to notions of self-examination. After many of his tiny-hand-chosen candidates staggered and fell on election night, the former president (and current subject of multiple investigations) lashed out against anyone he could think of – including, reportedly, his own wife.

For weeks Trump has been hinting about announcing his candidacy for the White House for 2024, which he was expected to do on Tuesday. But now some in his own circle are said to be challenging that idea, suggesting the wisdom of doing so after the pushback he’s received from voters.

In contrast, Ron DeSantis had a tremendously successful election night, defeating opponent Charlie Crist by nearly twenty points and likely helping GOP candidates down-ballot along the way. With many viewing the more urbane yet equally dickish fascist leaning Florida governor as a younger, fresher, more palatable alternative to the last criminal they put in the White House, Dirty Donald is ready to do whatever it takes to reclaim the spotlight. And so he’s resorted to his usual tactic of hurling insults.

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“NewsCorp, which is Fox, the Wall Street Journal, and the no longer great New York Post, is all in for Governor Ron DeSanctimonious,” he whined. He went on to call DeSantis “an average Republican governor” (meaning pretty terrible?) and described him as not sufficiently grateful – another frequent Trump plaint.

It was an angry, rambling spew, perhaps sparked by his combined frustrations about the election and the wrench Hurricane Nicole threw into second-thought daughter Tiffany’s Florida marriage plans.

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From a liberal perspective, of course, one is tempted to simply go get the popcorn and enjoy the spectacle as a person with no core and one with a terrible core have a war of attrition. With any luck, perhaps they’ll destroy each other before the Republicans can destroy the country. Maybe we’ll finally see the “bloodbath” little Donny Jr predicted.

So far DeSantis is yet to answer back. He likes remaining silent about Nazis in Florida. Perhaps he recognizes the fact that Trump’s attacking of him in a way cements his status as a major contender – or maybe even the major contender – for the Republican nomination, especially when one considers that a recent poll found that 43% of Republican voters say they actually don’t want Trump to run in 2024 – he may be too tainted even for them.

And when you’re too dirty for the GOP, man, are you filthy, Donald!

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