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TAX HACKS: Trump Org. boss details how the company cheated with Dirty Don’s blessing

TAX HACKS: Trump Org. boss details how the company cheated with Dirty Don’s blessing

TAX HACKS: Trump Org. boss details how the company cheated with Dirty Don's blessing

Jeffrey McConney, who first joined the Trump Organization in 1987, testified yesterday in a Manhattan courtroom to helping long time-CFO and Trump ally Allen Weisselberg regularly defraud the government in a fifteen-year tax scheme and, of course, Trump knew, says the exec.

McConney described how he and Weisselberg would list employees as private contractors so that the corporation could avoid having to pay taxes, including Medicare taxes.

The scheme was both flagrant and extensive, even, McConney said, paying for apartments for the appropriately named COO Matthew Calamari and his son, who also works for Trump. Both are yet to be charged.

To be clear, neither the former president nor his unfortunate progeny, Little Donny Jr and Eric “The Left Over Crap” Trump, will be held personally responsible if the Trump Organization is found guilty since the trial is against the Trump Organization and not them as individuals.

The worst that can happen is that the business will be fined $1.7 million and be labeled in such a way that it could make it more difficult for it to acquire loans (though the results of this trial, it is said, may also bolster NY AG Letitia James’s civil efforts).

Weisselberg, 75, pled guilty in August and agreed to testify. He will serve a mere five months and then do five years of probation. He’s scheduled to testify next week. Should be a good show.

Some of the key checks in evidence, meanwhile, bear the signature of one Donald J. Trump. And the organization bears his name. And McConney testified that Weisselberg told him that Trump knew about everything. And Weisselberg never even so much as took a shit without the boss’s permission.

But let’s not presume that Dirty Donald had anything to do with it. Perhaps he can go with the numbskull defense again, much like how he didn’t know that Felix Sater was operating a criminal enterprise out of his building years ago and doesn’t know anything about Russian money laundering or the real estate frauds that have gone on right under his nose.

And on and on and on, of course. For someone who supposedly hasn’t done anything wrong, Dirty Donald sure has a lot of crimes going on around him. His associates include tax fraud convicts, Russian mobsters, money launderers, FBI obstructionists, etc., etc., etc.

And we know from the Times revelations over the past few years that cheating the government is a core part of the Trump Org’s business structure.

The only question is: Why can’t our joke of a justice system finally put Teflon Don in prison? The other Teflon Don – John Gotti, my old neighbor – was eventually nabbed – why not the punk wannabe dictator Trump?

Maybe something will happen after Congress gets its hands on Trump’s taxes. (Well, I can dream, can’t I?)


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