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EATING CROW: Another MAGA election denier is forced to concede their loss

EATING CROW: Another MAGA election denier is forced to concede their loss

EATING CROW: Another MAGA election denier is forced to concede their loss

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Capitol insurrectionist and election denier, Doug Mastriano, has finally conceded his defeat to newly elected Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro. Five days after the midterm election, Mastriano released a statement acknowledging he lost, but still managed to somehow place the onus on “election irregularities.”

In a Sunday press release, the Republican state senator wrote, “Difficult to accept as the result are, there is no right course but to concede.”

“Pennsylvania is in great need of election reform,” Mastriano declares. “As I write this, the final results of the 2022 Mid-term Elections are still not available. We can and must do better to make our elections more transparent, secure, and more quickly decided. Pennsylvanians deserve to have faith in our elections. In my role as a State Senator, I will do my very best to help Josh Shapiro deliver that to Pennsylvanians and, if he does, I will be the first to acknowledge and applaud his achievement.”

This is from the same politician who was present at the Capitol during the January 6th insurrection and was implicated in Pennsylvania’s fake elector scheme.

“I salute the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, its leadership, and its members, all of whom had the courage to fight for my campaign – despite the winds that blew. They will always have my gratitude and respect,” Mastriano added.

He conveniently left out that many of the state’s GOP luminaries flocked to endorse his opponent in droves.

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Shapiro was endorsed by high-profile GOP members who held their noses at the thought of an ultra-MAGA insurrectionist going to Congress.

Shapiro thanked the Republicans who crossed party lines to vote for him, saying he would not take that support for granted.

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“I not only appreciate your vote, I am humbled by it,” Shapiro said, according to The Pennsylvania Capital Star.

Trump-backed candidates lost big in the midterms. Most statewide elections in key battleground states like Pennsylvania went in favor of the Dems. But even if Marciano hadn’t conceded it wouldn’t have made a difference, because votes matter – talking points don’t.

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Mastriano forgets that Shapiro already held a statewide office position, being elected as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General. Fear-mongering, gaslighting, and all-around Republican BS were no good here. The voters have spoken. Apparently being a coup-supporting insurrectionist and Trump acolyte wasn’t the flex the Christo-fascist thought.

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