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DREDGED LAKE: Democracy (and Katie Hobbs) throw Arizona’s mega MAGAt to the curb

DREDGED LAKE: Democracy (and Katie Hobbs) throw Arizona’s mega MAGAt to the curb

DREDGED LAKE: Democracy (and Katie Hobbs) throw Arizona's mega MAGAt to the curb

Kari Lake, the former newscaster, is now a former candidate for governor of Arizona and nothing more, having lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

The two could not have had a more different record. Hobbs began her career as a social worker but is a seasoned politician who has served as a member of the Arizona House, as Minority Leader in its senate, and as its Secretary of State, where she stood up to Donald Trump’s false claims about the state’s election apparatus.

Lake had no experience in politics before announcing her candidacy. She beat out her Republican rivals in the primary by tying herself to Trump and by attacking her former profession, declaring that the American people were being deceived by the mainstream media and promising to be a “nightmare” to news organizations in return.

She has been a solid and loyal Trumper, stating that she would not have allowed the certification of Biden’s win in Arizona in 2020 to be certified had she been governor. One of the central promises of her campaign was that she would completely revamp the state’s voting system to only allow voting on Election Day and to disallow mail-in ballots, potentially disenfranchising thousands of voters who may have had trouble making it to polls. Those voters helped bury her candidacy.

As returns began looking bad and Lake saw her chances of catching up to Hobbs’s early lead diminishing, she looked for excuses to challenge the results. Ironically, she asked a judge to extend voting hours after some minor glitches in Maricopa County. The judge refused, stating that there was no indication that the problems Lake cited had stopped anyone from voting.

Unsurprisingly, Lake is now refusing to accept the results of the election.

In American politics, only Donald Trump might be able to match Lake in terms of pure vitriol and vindictiveness. She repeatedly made fun of President Biden, blaming him for inflation and calling him a “bumbling fool.” But her nastiness wasn’t just reserved for the president. Four days before Election Day, she declared to a crowd, “We don’t have any McCain Republicans in here, do we? All right, get the hell out. . .. Boy, Arizona has delivered some losers, haven’t they?”

Well, one person sure became a loser last night. And those McCain people, Kari – they might not have been at that particular rally, but they did show up at the voting booths.

She also took time from campaigning to send Liz Cheney a poison pen letter, which the former rep and leading voice on the January 6 Committee gladly replied to after last night’s results.

Lake’s rhetoric throughout the campaign not only demonstrated her antidemocratic tendencies, but also the major personality flaws that ultimately did her in. She was not only anti-consensus, but seemingly anti-sense, demonstrating no desire to see others’ views and becoming so wrapped up in mindless conspiracy theories that she came off to many voters as somewhat unhinged.

She felt a strategy of divisiveness was the best way to go, going after trans people and associating herself with anti-gay and even antisemitic figures, like Jarrin Jackson.

It did not work out for her. Of course, she’ll have plenty of time to think about these things now, sitting home – far from the governor’s mansion.

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