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CRIME PAYS: Hear the shocking, but not surprising, admission Trump Org. money man made under oath

CRIME PAYS: Hear the shocking, but not surprising, admission Trump Org. money man made under oath

CRIME PAYS: Hear the shocking, but not surprising, admission Trump Org. money man made under oath

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Former Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg’s sweetheart of a deal with prosecutors not only gave him a greatly reduced sentence, it even allowed him to go on working for the Trump Organization at a salary of $640,000 a year.

Weisselberg also testified yesterday that after he finishes testifying against the criminally-charged corporation, he’s fully expecting Eric Trump – who runs the Trump Organization now – to give him a $500,000 bonus in January.

Taking a page right out of Martin Scorsese’s Casino – and we know the Trumps love gangsters – Weisselberg simply switched titles and moved offices – from the 26th floor of Trump Tower to the 25th, according to The Daily Beast. In fact, within hours of working out his plea deal with prosecutors, he had what he described as a “small party” with a “little cake” at Trump Tower.

Before the deal, Weisselberg was facing up to fifteen years in prison for his actions. Now he can only get five months – and will probably be out in a hundred days with good behavior.

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The Manhattan District Attorney, Democrat Alvin Bragg, has been criticized for not going after the Trumps directly. Even if the Trump Organization is found guilty, it will only have to pay a maximum of $1.7 million fine. Some have claimed that being found criminally responsible would make it difficult for the Trump Organization to acquire loans, but this ignores three key factors:

·         The Trump Organization has already created a new corporation: Trump Organization II (yes, really).

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·         The Trumps have willing foreign donors. There are multiple reports detailing how they don’t need American banks due to the funds they’ve gotten from Russia and elsewhere.

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·         Trump borrows against his brand, not his business ethics.

Why, then, give Weisselberg such a great deal?

Well, while the Trumps have not been charged with anything, it’s possible that future actions could be taken against them – and particularly against Donald Trump – based on whatever information comes out.

To that possible end, the trial revealed that the former president had to authorize any check for more than $2,500. And when Weisselberg was asked who authorized the executive compensation packages, he matter-of-factly replied, “Donald Trump.”

Meanwhile, the VP who worked with Weisselberg, Jeffrey McConney – a trained accountant with decades of experience who has claimed he didn’t know that what they were doing was against the law – had to be treated as a hostile witness, as he refused to give anything but ridiculously vague answers to prosecutors’ questions, despite having been granted full immunity for his cooperation.

Other interesting testimony came from Deborah Tarasoff, who was in charge of accounts payable at the corporation and revealed that she deleted evidence of the crimes committed on Weisselberg’s orders and with McConney’s assistance. She also noted that she handled checks designated for the tuition of Weisselberg’s grandchildren that came from a special, private account of Donald Trump.

Yet still Dirty Donald is yet to face any criminal penalties for this or his countless other criminal acts.

Perhaps “liberty and justice for all” is just a platitude.

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