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REPUGNANT: Right-wing sore loser rips into Arizona election with racist rant

REPUGNANT: Right-wing sore loser rips into Arizona election with racist rant

REPUGNANT: Right-wing sore loser rips into Arizona election with racist rant

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Charlie Kirk, founder of right-wing extremist Turning Point USA and proliferator of conspiracy theories and racist tropes, thinks that Arizona would get an election redo if instead of white conservatives, the people complaining were, in his words, “a bunch of Blacks.”

Kirk is complaining about the Arizona swing-state election, in which, for the second time, MAGA chalked up losses it’s just not willing to accept.

While Blake Masters has conceded that he lost the Arizona Senate race to Democrat Mark Kelly, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is (as she promised before election day) in no hurry to admit she lost, and Kirk is standing by her.

He not only wants Lake to file lawsuits, he wants the election redone, arguing that Republican voters were disenfranchised when vote-counting machines in Maricopa County failed, requiring ballots to be transported to a central location for counting.

Kirk conveniently forgets to mention ballots were able to be submitted at polling places where tabulators didn’t work, as the Secretary of State’s office worked hard to assure people.

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Always prepared to use false claims of anti-white racism to excuse actual racist statements, Kirk declared that the problem in Arizona was that voters affected were conservative white people, rather than “a bunch of Blacks in Atlanta.”

Kirk also complained that a judge refused to extend voting hours, though there was no evidence anyone had been turned away, and voters who are already in line when polls close are eligible to cast their vote, no matter how long it takes.

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He claims this disenfranchised “thousands of conservative voters,” but a Republican lawsuit failed to include any evidence of even a single voter being denied the opportunity to vote.

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Kirk said:

We do need a redo. The mechanics of that would be pretty difficult because a judge is not just gonna do that quickly or haphazardly, because obviously it’s all a bunch of white conservatives, so there’s no media sympathy. They’ll just roll their eyes and say why didn’t you vote early. If it was a bunch of Blacks in Atlanta the world would be on fire…they’re blaming us for not voting differently when we wanted to vote a certain way.

In fact, the only “voting differently” that was asked of voters was to place their ballot in a secure box to be tabulated at a different location.

While there was the option to cast a ballot at a different location, there’s no evidence anyone was told, for example, to cast a provisional ballot, or that they should have voted early, nor is there evidence that voters were in any other way disparaged for voting in-person on election day, nor denied the opportunity to do so.

Kirk tweeted a claim that voters were disenfranchised when a judge refused to keep polls open for three extra hours on election day and described voting machine malfunctions as disenfranchising thousands of voters.

The judge, however, said otherwise.

From Axios:

Judge Timothy Ryan said he’d seen no evidence that any voters were denied their right to cast ballots…”We do not believe that anyone has been disenfranchised because no one has been turned away,” Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates told reporters at a press conference

Maricopa County’s official election results show that, while not every voter may have marked a choice for every office, turnout was as high as 73%.

FairVote records that average turnout in a midterm election is around 40%, so there’s nothing statistical to suggest a suppressed turnout in this election.

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