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FAIRLY FOUL: A new believer in election fairness, Lauren Boebert declares narrow victory

FAIRLY FOUL: A new believer in election fairness, Lauren Boebert declares narrow victory

FAIRLY FOUL: A new believer in election fairness, Lauren Boebert declares narrow victory

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As of Thursday night, Lauren Boebert’s election in Colorado was still close enough to expect an automatic recount, but with a lead of only 0.2%, she declared her victory anyway.

In fact, despite her reputation for election denial and claims of “stolen” elections, she trusts the outcome so much (once she was sure she won), that she boasted to her followers of the accuracy of elections in her state.

Boebert was one of a long list of U.S. House Members — only days after being sworn in for the first time as a Congressional Representative — to object to the 2020 election.

However, election deniers have a clear pattern: they only believe elections are “stolen” when they, or their candidate, lose.

Boebert released a video statement late Thursday night, congratulating herself on a win, although she admitted there were a few hundred votes outstanding yet, and on Friday, her opponent, Democrat Adam Frisch, released a concession speech, saying that, while there would be a recount, it was not something his campaign had requested, but part of the state’s election laws.

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Boebert has had something of a setback in this election — in a district that has elected Republicans since 2010, and that she won by more than 6 points in 2020, she started out seeming sure of her own win, and of a “red wave” for the party as a whole.

In fact, after she posted an election-day declaration that the “red wave” was beginning, the Republican Party chalked up so many losses, and Boebert’s race looked so bad, that she went Twitter silent for a full 36 hours.

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Boebert said on Thursday night:

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I’m told that there are less than 200 votes outstanding, which makes me so happy to announce, we have won this race!…Past recounts in Colorado have resulted in far fewer votes being adjusted than anything that could affect the current outcome we’re seeing tonight.

She also noted that she has attorneys and campaign officials on the job to oversee the recount process.

She didn’t get the red wave she predicted on election day, but with Adam Frisch’s concession on Friday, Boebert does join a Republican-controlled House of Representatives for another term.

You can see her declaration of victory below.

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