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OR ELSE: How the Lake campaign in Arizona tried to threaten its way to victory

OR ELSE: How the Lake campaign in Arizona tried to threaten its way to victory

OR ELSE: How the Lake campaign in Arizona tried to threaten its way to victory

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On Monday, as Katie Hobbs was about to be declared the projected winner of the Arizona gubernatorial race, the campaign for Kari Lake appears to have gone into threat-overdrive mode.

The Lake campaign released a video on Monday that purportedly shows how “rude” Maricopa County attorney Tom Liddy was to their requests for information. Yet what’s obvious from the selectively edited video is that Liddy is simply responding to the campaign’s inordinate pressure to try to change the results.

The Washington Post spoke with Liddy, who explained that the RNC’s Benjamin Mehr, a young attorney out of Pepperdine, was warning him that “irate people” were beyond their control, and requesting that Liddy provide them with “good information.”

The implication was clear: we want this to go a certain way, and if it does, we cannot control what happens.

In other words, we have a match over gasoline. Now help us out.

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Liddy is also a Republican. In fact, he’s about as Republican as you can get: his father was G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate infamy.

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Son Tom worked as a litigator for the RNC himself. But it appears he was not going to play ball.

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As he told The Washington Post, the conversation actually lasted about twelve minutes. Lake has not released an unedited version.

Liddy was unequivocal: he’s said he considered Mehr’s words a definite threat.

His response was understandably aggressive, as he was outraged by what he was hearing.

“Guess what? Let me educate you,” he can be heard saying on the video. “I cannot control what you say. Okay? You can say whatever you want to say. I can’t control that. Now, if you’re not happy working with me … then we’ll just stop. I don’t give a shit.”

Mehr, sounding like a kindergarten teacher, replies, “I’m definitely not threatening you….I’m just saying I’m worried about that” – referring to the potential for Lake supporters to act out their “irate” passions.

“I don’t give a fuck,” Liddy told him.

The results did not change. Yet Lake is still yet to concede, pedaling false narratives about a stolen election, much like her political hero, Dirty Donald.

Fortunately, Katie Hobbs doesn’t give a fuck either.

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