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DO OVER: Mike Lindell asks Republicans to give up their 2022 election victories

DO OVER: Mike Lindell asks Republicans to give up their 2022 election victories

Mike Lindell asks Republicans to give up their 2022 election victories

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In an interesting turn of events, MyPillow CEO and self-proclaimed cyber election security “expert” Mike Lindell, wants a 2022 election redo. The unapologetic conspiracy theorist expressed his “concern” over Arizona’s election results but suggested all votes be thrown out nationwide.

“They need to do a new election,” Lindell said. “Any Republican that won in this country, in this race, should demand a new election themselves,” he ranted. “In other states too.”

According to Lindell, he has “evidence,” of a stolen election – again.

Watch the clips below.

“We have cyber evidence of a 37,000 vote flip on the Kari Lake race on Thursday after the election,” the delusional propagandist claimed. “We have all the Edison data that came in real time that came through on all the races – including Finchem, Blake Masters. They all won, ok. They all won.”

Not okay – or true.

Lindell went on to claim, without proof, that the entire state of Michigan had been “wiped out,” that the the legislative election had been stolen, and throwing in that the GOP’s failed U.S. Senate nominee, Dr. Mehmet Oz “really won.”

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Former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski tweeted the delusional rantings.

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Lindell’s suggestion that Republicans throw out their winning results for the sake of “election integrity” is surprisingly similar to one echoed after the 2020 election – by the left, calling out the hypocrisy of election-denying politicians on the same ballots Trump and the GOP tried – unsuccessfully – to have discounted for those who won their respective races, including those who voted against certifying President-elect Biden’s win.

The hypocrisy is apparently lost on Mike Lindell – like many other things. His calls for a “do-over” of the midterm election is definitely on brand for the unhinged businessman, who made a mockery, not just of himself, but the democratic system.

H/T Ron Filipkowski 

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