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MAGA LOSER: Trump tax accountant confirms fake billionaire lost HOW MUCH?!

MAGA LOSER: Trump tax accountant confirms fake billionaire lost HOW MUCH?!

MAGA LOSER: Trump tax accountant confirms fake billionaire lost HOW MUCH?!

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Donald Bender, an executive at Mazars USA LLP who spent many years working on Donald Trump’s taxes, testified Tuesday at the criminal trial of the Trump Organization in New York that from 2009-2018 the former president reported nothing but net losses.

This includes the time when Dirty Donald ran for president while boasting about his incredible business acumen and declaring “I’m very rich,” as well as the first couple years of his presidency, when he was supposedly putting that acumen to use managing our economy.

As first reported by the Independent, Bender was presented with tax documents that the Manhattan DA’s office fought for years to acquire.

When asked by prosecutor Susan Hoffinger about the decade from 2009-2018, the CPA matter-of-factly stated, “There are losses for all these years.”

Total losses? $900 million.

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In case you’re not a mathematician or didn’t graduate with a degree from MIT, I’ll tell you: that’s a lot. An awful lot.

This is not entirely new, of course – the New York Times essentially told us this in 2020.

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But Bender’s testimony is the first public confirmation of the fact.

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Of course, we’ll get an even fuller picture once the House Ways and Means Committee receives Trump’s returns and (hopefully) releases them to the public, as committee member Bill Pascrell has been pushing for.

The figures are staggering.

Trump reported losses of around $700 million in 2009 alone.

The losses were literally stacked higher than a small child, Bender reported, at one point demonstrating the size of the returns that had to be processed by placing his hand above his head to demonstrate the sheer volume of the return (OK – maybe a very large child).

As far as the level of duplicity the Trump Organization exercised in its scheme of issuing bonuses without paying taxes, Bender said that, had he’d known, it would have given him a heart attack.

When shown emails indicating that he was informed as far back as 2013, Bender claimed ignorance, declaring that he’d never read those emails.

Despite being under investigation for inciting an attack and causing the murders of American citizens while attempting to overthrow the government, and for stealing top secret national documents, plus:

–facing a multitude of civil trials, including one for $250 million against the Trump Organization filed by NY AG Letitia James for its history of fraud;

–being in the process of losing the criminal trial against the Trump Organization;

–and seeing many of his chosen candidates go down to ignominious defeat in the recent election . . .

(Whew! I’m out of breath! You tired too?)…

Dirty Donald has nonetheless declared that he is running for president again in 2024.

Because if you’re a failed businessman with a history of criminal activity, what better place is there for you than the White House?

Oh –a prison cell, you say? Well, yes, maybe that would be more fitting after all.

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