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EPSTEIN FRIEND SUED: Major financier accused of rape under updated NY State law

EPSTEIN FRIEND SUED: Major financier accused of rape under updated NY State law

EPSTEIN FRIEND: Major financier accused of rape under updated NY State law

Former Jeffrey Epstein associate, Leon Black, is being sued for sexual assault. The investment manager allegedly raped Cheri Pierson in what’s been described as a “brutal attack” at Epstein’s multi-million dollar New York City townhome in 2002.

According to the suit, Epstein arranged for Pierson to meet the “powerful businessman” and give Black a massage for $300 at Epstein’s townhouse after she finished work. At the time, Epstein didn’t disclose Black’s name to Pierson, and she didn’t ask, according to the suit, NBC News reported.

The single mother was introduced to Black by Epstein himself, after being introduced to the now-deceased pedophile by none other than Epstein’s grooming wing woman – Ghislaine Maxwell.

Pierson describes being afraid of hitting her head on the hard floor, while Black used the massage table as a crutch to gain a physically superior position, and dominate his victim.

Pierson alleges that “she recalls desperately yelling and screaming — but is unsure what words came out in her upside-down state.” Court documents add: “She tried to kick. She struggled to free her legs from his vicious grip, but he was too strong.”

The assault left Pierson in pain for weeks after the rape, a friend convinced the New Jersey resident not to file charges at the time. It wasn’t until after being attacked that Black told Pierson his name.

Epstein reportedly told the New Jersey resident, that Mr. Black could potentially help the single mother with a skincare product she was attempting to sell. Though the co-founder of the financial services firm Apollo Management denies he did anything wrong, Black stepped down from the company after details of his relationship with Epstein were revealed last year.

On November 24th, New York reinstated the Adult Survivor’s Act – doing away with the statute of limitations and allowing surviving victims of sexual assault to sue their alleged attackers for civil damages.

Attorney for the plaintiff, Jeanne Christensen said, “thanks to the passage of the Adult Survivor’s Act, survivors of sexual violence like Ms. Pierson are able to seek the justice they deserve no matter how many years ago their trauma was suffered.”

“We look forward to holding Black and Epstein’s estate accountable for their appalling unlawful conduct as alleged in the complaint by our client,” she said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time the financier has been accused of sexual violence. Last year, Guzel Ganieva, accused Black of rape and defamation – Christensen is also Ganieva’s attorney. That case is still pending in New York County Supreme Court

Original reporting by Chloe Atkins at NBC News

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