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WOMP WOMP: Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy after crazy Kanye interview

WOMP WOMP: Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy after crazy Kanye interview

WOMP WOMP: Alex Jones files for personal bankruptcy after crazy Kanye interview

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You really do love to see it when the worst people collide with karma.

Infowars host and subhuman pile of festering garbage Alex Jones filed for personal bankruptcy in Houston, Texas, on Thursday.

The Associated Press reported that “the filing lists $1 billion to $10 billion in liabilities owed to 50 to 99 creditors and $1 million to $10 million in assets.”

BREAKING: Alex Jones must pay Sandy Hook families nearly $1 billion
“Who’s got two pointy fingers and absolutely no money? THIS QRAZY GUY!”

In October, a jury in Connecticut awarded the Sandy Hook families who brought the suit against Jones $965 million in compensatory damages.

A judge later added another $473 million in punitive damages.

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Earlier in the year, a Texas jury awarded the parents of a child killed in the shooting $49 million in damages.

While plenty of pundits saw this coming, Jones used his show to front like it wasn’t a real thing. “Why not make it a trillion?” he rage-sharted during one Infowars episode.

The AP also reports that “the bankruptcy filing temporarily halts any proceedings in the Connecticut case, which forced a judge to cancel a hearing scheduled Friday morning on the Sandy Hook families’ request to attach assets from Jones and his company to secure money for the nearly $1.4 billion in awarded damages.”

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An attorney for the Sandy Hook families in the Connecticut case released a statement on Friday criticizing the bankruptcy filing. “Like every other cowardly move Alex Jones has made, this bankruptcy will not work,” Chris Mattei said in the statement.

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“The bankruptcy system does not protect anyone who engages in intentional and egregious attacks on others, as Mr. Jones did. The American judicial system will hold Alex Jones accountable, and we will never stop working to enforce the jury’s verdict.”


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