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LAUGHINGSTOCK: Twitter denizens OWN Kari Lake in hilarious fashion – see the best takedowns

LAUGHINGSTOCK: Twitter denizens OWN Kari Lake in hilarious fashion – see the best takedowns

LAKE LAUGHINGSTOCK: Twitter denizens OWN Kari Lake in hilarious fashion – see the best takedowns

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Tomorrow will be three weeks since Katie Hobbs was declared the winner in the Arizona gubernatorial race and — ipso facto — Kari Lake (say it with me) is the LOSER.

Though the rest of the country is well aware of this, Ms. Lake and some of her diehard supporters and fellow conspiracy theorists — including reliable loon Steve Bannon — have continued to press allegations that the election was somehow “stolen” from the former TV anchor.

Lake’s campaign has tried pretty much everything to keep her fantasy alive – from threatening Maricopa County officials with insinuations of violence to promoting lawlessness to challenging the results in court.

Her actions have led to threats against the lives of officials in her own party, like Bill Gates, the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, who had to go into hiding to avoid Ma Lake’s mob.

Just this past Thursday, a judge sanctioned attorneys for Lake and her fellow election-denier Mark Finchem, formerly a candidate for secretary of state, for bringing a frivolous lawsuit. Another suit that claimed that their voters were prevented from voting was also tossed out.

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And yet Crazy Kari carries on. Most of her babble can be seen on her Twitter feed or on the separate “War Room” account that she set up and where one might suppose she’s enlisting soldiers in her holy crusade.

Below are some of the best posts and responses to Lake and her crazy theories.

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All are responding to Lake’s assertion that polls showed her ahead before election day and that that proves – PROVES, Ma Lake says – that she really won.

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On her promise to “never stop”:

On her losing court bids:

On losing in general:


On her endless whining:

Kari, I think it’s time you got the message. Maybe we need a national intervention because right now someone needs to tell you, Delta Dawn, that victory just isn’t showing up.

You can keep making your way down to the press room, but no one is coming to your party. The best thing you can probably do right now is to ensconce yourself at Mar-a-Lago like a statue, where people can spot you on their way to the restroom and gawk as if viewing one of Barnum’s wonders.

And if we never hear from you again, it’ll be too soon.

Kari Lake is certainly going to be angry at Ross now, but you can show him some love on Twitter, where he needs you! @RossRosenfeld

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